Thursday, March 13, 2008

Laura can crawl!

Things have been busy here - but I wanted to post a little video of Laura Jane's latest trick.


Stacy said...

She could not be any more cute!
Babies are my absolute favorite!
Michael never crawled he did the fastest boot crawl ever for a few months and then just started walking.

Congratulations on Boston.How fun for Laura to grow up with a cute little Boston accent... just like a pee wee version of mini driver in good will hunting...or was the boston accent in return to me? That is the best guilty pleasure movie ever...oh dear I went a little off course.

We also have lots of new stuff happening in our life right now.Michael got into a awesome new charter school... my sister is moving less than a block away *did I mention she is getting a divorce*Long story same circumstance as last time if you can remember,so things have been tough for her *she is doing so good though she is tough* My mom is also moving close by, Greg is doing well and so I am... We never did get to that phone call...we must do that!You know me well enough to know about my initial phone fear...I know it makes me seem lilke I don't want to interact.but I swear I would love nothing more!
Anyhow, glad to hear and see things are well. I am so happy for you...Laura seems to be so sweet and fun! I miss that age!

hot babe said...

She's so cute! And she's not scooting on her face anymore... so she's gotta be liking that!