Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Family photo in our crowded apartment

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Kind of rare to have all three of us together! Thanksgiving was fun, and I can't wait to see everyone again now.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Rom Com

It's true, I really enjoy a good romantic comedy. Mostly though, I enjoy watching them with Isaac. I thank God every day that I have a husband who is able to appreciate the finer points of movies such as Just Like Heaven, Bridget Jones' Diary (only the first one), and of course, the mother of all - Pride and Prejudice.

Unfortunately, there aren't that many good ones made in a given year, and definitely not enough to supply the rate at which we've been watching movies. So as I mentioned, we ended up watching Must Love Dogs, which was pretty much godawful. John Cusack, Diane Lane, what happened? Zero chemistry between the two of them, a somehow terrible script, oh no.

But seriously, I did a search on imdb for movies which are both comedy and romance (because who wants to watch a depressing romantic movie? not me.) and once you weed out the anime, and the sci-fi anime, and the unsatisfying French movies (just can't get into Audrey Tautou) we've seen almost EVERYTHING. It's quite sad. Okay, we didn't see Dr. T and the Women, because Stacy said it was something like a fork to the eye, but just about everything else. Also, I have a question - is imdb like wikipedia because I'm not sure why Team America World police is labeled a romance. Forget i asked.

So anyway, looking at the imdb list, we are down to Agent Cody Banks and Dirty Love and ooh Brown Sugar, which I will totally check out from the library, just for Queen Latifah. But I have a question of my readers (basically my sisters, hi Beth and Katie) - can you think of a movie that we might not have seen yet? I'm thinking about offering a cash reward. When we saw a movie for our anniversary, it cost $24. Not including the babysitter. Movie prices went up while we were living with an infant. We saw Dan in Real Life (which was cute, and we're giving it four out of five stars - I couldn't bear to give it anything less for $24).

Okay, good night, and think of good movies for me!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Isaac ran the New York Marathon!

He totally did.


It was awesome, and Laura and I went out to cheer him on. This entailed us taking the subway for the first time since she left the womb. Thank goodness the train was full of sweet Midwestern out-of-towners who immediately forced me to sit down so I didn't fall with the baby. Then we waited for Isaac to appear, standing next to a group of rowdy Swiss ladies. We arranged to meet up at 110th and 1st ave (hence the subway ride) because it was supposed to be less crowded up there - Laura doesn't like crowds and loud noises... But she did pretty well even with the cowbell and crazy Swiss cheers (they were saying something that sounded like "Hop Suite! Hop Suite! Hop Suite!") Then we walked over to 5th avenue to see Isaac about 4 miles later and a lot more tired. Though he doesn't look any different to me in the pictures!

Not as tired:

More tired:

Too bad i didn't get any action shots of the guy actually running. Next time!

In other marathon news, I didn't see Katie Holmes or Lance Armstrong, but I did see Melissa Summers of Suburban Bliss (a blog-celebrity sighting!) and then right after that I saw Michael J. Fox and his wife. They were kinda easy to spot because of the "Team Fox" hats. Well, she wasn't wearing a hat, but Michael J. was. I never spot celebrities and Isaac always does (he saw Ricky Gervais in the park a couple of weeks ago) but it would help me a lot if they would wear name tags like this...

Okay, I'm wasting precious time when I should be sleeping - I'm starting to get a sleep debt, and I learned how that can make your iq drop like 50 points or something. Now that I'm back at work, my NPR listening has gone up approx 1000%. I should clarify that my sleep debt is really not the baby's fault, it's my own stupid fault for doing stupid things. Like last night Isaac and I watched Must Love Dogs (why oh why Stacy didn't I read your one star Netflix review sooner) until 12:30! Of course I had to be up at 6:30.

I have lots more to say on the topic of romantic comedies, but maybe I will pace myself and just try to blog more this month, since it's one of those Blog More months or whatever.

PS Laura Jane learned how to roll over from her back to her front! Here she is in progress:


Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Halloween!



We had fun walking up and down 2nd Avenue and seeing all the other kids in their costumes. Things are busy these days with work and baby! Isaac and I had our fourth wedding anniversary yesterday and tonight we are going out for dinner and a movie. We don't know which movie or restaurant yet. Kind of planning impaired these days! Especially since Isaac is running the marathon on Sunday! So we are thinking maybe an Italian place for carbo-loading purposes...

Okay, better get to work...