Sunday, July 15, 2007

today is the day that isaac picked

when we guessed the baby's birthday, long ago. We've been getting calls from so many people wanting to know what's up! It's very nice to have family and friends who are getting excited and impatient for us. Especially since Isaac does most of the phone talking (you know how I'm not great on the phone).

So, as I said in a previous comment, we're doing what we can to bring this baby thing to fruition...spicy food, walking a lot, etc. Yesterday I went to Mass with the idea that I might not make it to church today (positive thinking!) and then last night I came home and bounced up and down on my exercise ball. I have no idea whether such a thing is known to actually move the baby down, but it was kind of fun to bounce while I watched old episodes of Law and Order. My sisters called last night within about 30 seconds of each other, and Katie told me about a friend of a friend who used the stair stepper to bring on labor....the whole process is very scientific apparently...

I think that might be one of the most frustrating things about waiting for labor to start on its own, the unscientificness of it all and apparent lack of control over cause and effect. But it's probably a good way to start out life with kids, because I have a feeling there won't be much scientific method involved in that either. Still, if someone told me that a certain yoga pose or prayer to a certain saint (I've just been going with Mary, since I don't know too many others who had children) or a delicious and side effect-free food item (no castor oil here) brought on labor - I would try it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lucy at the pool....

I have to post these pictures of niece Lucy at the pool. These are from almost a month ago, but Lucy has been going to the pool just about every weekend and learning to swim! She's a real natural in the water apparently, and even more importantly, she knows how to look cute while doing her thing.






Still here...and baby holding firm to my insides

I get a really funny look from people at work now when I go in, like, what are you still doing here? Well, the answer is, the air conditioning at the lab is awesome, and there is no better place to be for someone who has to take a cold shower every night just to survive the heat and humidity. I'm still getting a little bit of work done too, and it doesn't seem like there's any reason to sit at home yet...

So it's pretty hard to make plans around this baby already! My parents are going to be in NJ this weekend for a family party, and were talking about coming up to see us and the baby tonight or tomorrow night. Only problem is, no baby yet. I think we are getting closer though, since my hormones seem to be gearing up for something! More than a couple of tears were shed at the Harry Potter movie...

We'll all meet the baby soon enough though, and the grandparents will be able to come next weekend too. My mom is going to stay to help us for almost a week, which will be very very good. Isaac and I took an infant care class, where we learned to wrap a baby doll in a blanket, and I really can't remember a single other thing that we learned.

I'm definitely taking Stacy's advice though, and treasuring the last few days (baby willing) of this pregnancy. I keep thinking, is this the baby's birthday? Is tomorrow? Now it's Friday the I'm wondering if I should hope that we hold out until Bastille Day?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Due Date Update!

Well, today is the official due date...and no baby yet. It was even harder to get to sleep last night because I was so excited about today though. It was like the tomorrow's my birthday feeling that I used to get when I was really excited about my birthday.... But I know today probably isn't THE day! This morning I'm going for some baby monitoring to make sure that it's okay to keep going past the due date - they'll do that twice a week from now on, besides my weekly doctor's visit. Should be interesting!

We bought our tickets for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, for Wednesday night at 8pm, taking the chance that the baby will still be in its most portable location at that time. If not, oh well!

Here are some pictures I promised from the baby shower I had online with Jen and Lynne!
What a nice time...


By the way, this is the face I'm wearing in my driver's license picture, it's so ridiculous!