Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Isaac and I had a great time on Sunday night at LL and IC's place. LL made an amazing spread of food and their friend Yuji made some terrific cocktails (and mocktails for me!) LL's birthday is coming up in just a few days, and it was a really fun evening to celebrate. Yay. I will have to post some of Tiffany's pictures from the night later on, when Flickr is up and running again.

I can't remember why this book I'm thinking of came up when I was talking to Tiffany that night - oh now I remember. It was because Tiffany was telling me of her lifelong dream to attend a bar or bat mitvah. (Cross your fingers for her!) I remembered this book I kept hearing about a year or so ago, with pictures of bar mitzvahs from the 80s. The pictures I saw were incredibly amusing, not so much because they were at a bar mitzvah, but because they look like every photo taken of awkward adolescents ever. The book is Bar Mitzvah Disco and here are some selected pics. Tiff, I hope the bar mitzvah you go to has a Michael Jackson impersonator. The one of the 3 young couples might be my favorite. It is almost like they know that they could be blackmailed with this picture in about 20 years.

Back when I was hearing about this book, I guess that American Apparel did some kind of advertising campaign using the pictures, or inspired by these pictures, which is really annoying to me because I hate American Apparel ads. At least all of the ones featuring girls in their underwear. Which is pretty much all of them. They might be less creepy to me if the founder guy wasn't known for masturbating in front of female journalists. (Still creepy, even if the journalist didn't mind apparently.)

Okay, time for me to get myself and my insanely swollen waterlogged feet to bed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


As of last Saturday, Isaac and I have completed our childbirth preparation class, which featured a very nice and knowledgeable, crunchy-granolaish instructor, some extremely graphic videos (I was remembering how they called it "horror porn" on that British show Coupling), snack-time, foot massage techniques, and a couple of extremely foul-smelling classmates.

Tonight we took another class, in Infant CPR. Before attending the class I worried that it might be kind of emotional or something. I mean, pretty much everything makes me cry these days. Including the aforementioned extremely graphic childbirth videos (that's one of the better reasons to cry), but also gross provocations such as Isaac seeming slightly uninterested while I was describing my latest reading about the bazillion kinds of cloth diapers. (Do you feel sorry for my husband or what?)

But back to the infant CPR, it wasn't emotional or scary at all really. Everyone got their own little infant dummy to practice with, and the teacher had this really funny way about her. Everything was kept pretty light, for a class in dealing with your unresponsive infant. She would say things like, "So when you go into the baby's room and finally figure out, 'oh maybe I shouldn't have put the baby down to nap with that bag of marbles....'" It all seemed kind of darkly funny somehow. Maybe that was possible only because no one there had any actual babies. It was all just pregnant couples (you know what i mean) and two nannies. I'm definitely glad we went, and I hope that I remember what I learned in case of any sort of real emergency!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

best May weather

I don't know about you guys, but isn't the weather just perfect right now? Not to jinx things or anything, but it's been lovely and not too hot and not too cold for days and days now. A little rain here and there, but nothing to get worked up about.

I just kind of wish that I could sleep through the night. I'm thinking of getting one of those sleep training books so that I can train myself to get some sleep. This morning I woke up at 5, and while that might be normal for some commuting, hair-blowdrying, look presentable sort of people, it's a good two hours before I like to be awake. At least it wasn't earlier like some other days. Things I can't stop thinkng about when I wake up in the early morning hours:

1. Baby names...names like Chastity and Charity and Chandler start to make sense to me just before dawn.

2. I really cannot get that song from Music and Lyrics out of my head, and it's been like a week.

3. I wonder if there is enough room in the fridge for the groceries which are going to be delivered this morning.

4. If I turned the fan on, would that drown out the minimal sounds from outside which are maybe keeping me from falling back to sleep?

5. Should we move the dresser over there, and the bed over to the other side of the room, and do we need a nightstand?

And it goes on and on and on. I want to shut my brain off. But now the groceries are probably coming soon, and then it will be time for work! It does look like it is going to be a really really nice day.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Katie!

Today is my sister Katie's birthday! I still remember going to the hospital a mere 27 years ago to visit Katie and my Mom. We were so excited to meet our little sister. And now she's getting married! Katie and Russell got engaged back in March, and they are getting married in a little more than a year. We are so excited and happy for them!

Here's the happy, baby-torturing couple!!!


Have I told you Isaac's theory yet that 27 is the very best age for a woman? Not too young and not too old! Enjoy your year in your prime Kate....

Friday, May 18, 2007

trip to tennessee!

Isaac and I decided that with the impending increase in family size, we should use some of our frequent flier miles and get in some air travel to interesting places. Since Nick and Gina have been (had been!, oops, look what happens when you wait too long to write about something) living in Knoxville, Tennessee for the last year, we wanted very much to visit them there. Since then, they've left Tennessee and are now driving across the country to their new place in California.

Anyway, our trip to Tennessee was a lot of fun, and Nick actually already wrote about it here. We saw a lot of the University of Tennessee, though not many students, since we usually happened to be strolling there during the day on the weekend. Prime hangover time of course...

We had some really really good breakfasts made by Gina, including homemade dumplings and kim chee. I think Isaac was in heaven, remembering the spicy breakfast we had back in Jiangxi Province on our trip to China. There was this hotel in Jian where we stayed on our way back to the airport in Nanchang, and they had this breakfast buffet of about 40 items, almost all of which were covered in chilis and super spicy. That's the way to wake up! Anyway, Gina's kim chee was quite delicious, and went really well with the eggs and toast and other good stuff we had.

We also went to the park for a picnic, and played frisbee, and ate Doritos. There are pictures of us playing frisbee...action shot!



And some pictures of Isaac in the Tennessee River:


Photo credits to Nick!

We also had the time to drive up to the Smoky Mountains and take a little hike. I was kind of a wimp, and not overly balanceful on the trails, so we didn't go too far! Like Isaac is always telling me these days, I'm the gazelle in the herd that would be picked off by the predator...I think he means it in a nice way though...

Here we are on the trail...




Then was it this night, or the night before that we went out for barbecue at Calhoun's? I really can't remember. But yum, I remember that the barbecue was really good. NYC is seriously lacking in some good barbecue.

Many belated thanks to our gracious hosts Nick and Gina.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

News Flash: Nieces are Cute!

I got the latest Lucy news from my sister recently, and what do you know, the brilliant 9 month old niece is already talking! Like in words! She can say cat and dog, so far, words which I'm sure will serve her well in this life.

Here are some older pictures of her, I wouldn't want you to miss anything.

Christmas (is my Mom a baby hog or what?)


And here are some pictures from Easter - my camera apparently got set to Manual Mode, which is a no-no for an F-stop-challenged individual like myself. But somehow, Lucy still looks cute here, with my brother...

Camera 091

Camera 090

Some of her favorite toys at Grandma's are the pie plates...

Camera 070

They taste good, who needs pie?

Camera 073

She really works the Flashdance look

Leaning is not too far from standing and walking...

Shamed into blogging by thoughtful blogfriend

Oh, I knew I had been undeserving of the title blogger for quite a while. But I got the nicest reminder of why I used to spend time posting and commenting, and why I should really give it another go...Jen/hotbabe just thoughtfully sent me some wonderful chili powder from the awesome Penzey's Spices to replenish my stores, just because she happened to think of me. So nice! And I can't wait to convert the chili powder into some delicious spicy food. And since she threw in some Hot Cajun spice mix, I will be able to have some more Cajun homemade microwave popcorn, which so hits the spot. Thank you a million times, Jen, that was so nice of you.

I miss you blogfriends lots, and I should finally post the news that has been keeping me away from the blog for so long! Most of the people who read this blog, in fact, just about everyone who is not a random visitor, already knows this, but somehow I felt blog-inhibited until I made some big unnecessary announcement.

I'm knocked up!

And the pictorial proof, from more than a month ago now...and yes, that's a fake beer by my salad bowl, I'm not trying to mess up the baby...

Camera 038

I'm bigger than this picture now, finally solidly into "pregnant, not just fat" territory, which has increased my chances of being offered a seat on the subway from zero to 1 in 20. I don't really mind yet, maybe in a few more weeks I'll be really exhausted. I guess I don't have to take the train every day. The due date for the baby is July 10, and it's going to be a surprise, whether it's a boy or girl. Colleen, you should be happy - I think a full 50% of your comments on my blog were about me and Isaac breeding! :)

I'll have to do some retroactive posting about some traveling we did this spring, and other fun stuff...at the very least some more cute pictures of my niece!