Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us.

Well, Isaac and I finally made it to the 3 year mark! We are celebrating with a less extravagant dinner than in previous years and going to see Gidon Kremer play Brahms sonatas at Carnegie Hall. This should be a lot of fun. One of my very favorite classical music concert experiences was seeing Gidon (can i call you Gidon?) playing all the Bach sonatas and partitas at Columbia's St. Paul Chapel. I guess we will be missing the intimacy of that evening, but I'm still expecting Gidon to bring on the weirdness.

Going home this weekend for Lucy's baptism was a lot of fun - first of all, the girl is huge! And looks at you with these great big eyes. She did really well most all of the weekend and didn't fuss at all in the church, which is more than I can say for some of my relatives. I lit the baptism candle, which means I was the butch godmother I think. We had two godmothers you know, and basically the Church is this close to allowing same-sex marriage.

Then, the party was at my parents' new house - they moved to a 55+ neighborhood just 6 weeks ago, and this was my first time seeing it. It's lovely, and was broken in quite nicely with about 60 people at the party. I think that's the biggest party in our family's history, thanks to BIL Glenn's side of the family, composed of dedicated baby-lovers and party-goers. So fun - the crab balls were a huge hit.

Isaac spent almost all his baby-holding time making weird noises for Ana Lucia so that she will have good pronunciation of foreign languages when she learns them. It's a priority. For him. :) Anyway, we had a terrific time and now we are back in the babyless, siblingless, parentless north. It's kind of sad. But Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Though Lucy (and Beth and Glenn) are going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. We are going to have to try to deal.

That's the update for now...