Friday, October 27, 2006

a return of sorts

The real world has been causing the blogworld to recede for a little while for me. So I'm back to report on what's been going on in the meantime...good things and not-so-good things.

Good: My lab finally moved to the new research building - we're on the top (21st) floor again, and the view is so nice. Well, nice for the East River. There are some gorgeous smokestacks in Queens and we see lots of boats going up and down the river.

Bad: Isaac is still in the old research building, so we are separated by a whole block for most of the workday (whine...ok i'm shutting up already).

Good: Did I mention that the view from my desk is to the West and I can see Central Park (ok it's really far away and I see just a few trees) and the Dakota (my second favorite residential building) and a really obnoxious Trump Tower (not the Columbus Circle one) .

Bad: As hotbabe noticed, I live and work two blocks from where I guess you can still just fly planes into buildings now and then. That old "XX days without a plane hitting a building" counter is back up to 15 days now I think. Aside from smelling smoke (I'm such an idiot I thought it was my freaking hot plate) and the fire alarm going off, we were pretty unaffected. That it was not b more serious should really go in the very very good and we are thankful column. I'm so sorry for the people who died, and by the way I saw Time Out NY refer to Corey Lidle as the Yankees catcher? WTF wasn't he was a pitcher? Even I picked up that much...and I'm far from a fan.

Geez I'm getting distracted...back to

Good: Isaac and I had dinner with Tiffany last weekend and I talked her ear off about my latest obSESSion, the new Justin Timberlake album.

Bad: Isaac was kind of left out because he was in the other room playing something on the piano, so slowly that it was unrecognizable, even to musicians.

Good: I did what any obSESSed person would do and sent Tiffany a copy of the album wrapped in tissue paper and she even listened to it and claimed to enjoy it more than Judith Butler. Not more than Judith Butler enjoyed FutureSex/LoveSound because honestly I have no idea what Judy's stance on that is...but more than seeing an overcrowded Judith Butler lecture.

Bad: I'm running out of bad things.

Good: This weekend is my niece Lucy's christening and we are taking a road trip to MD (NOT on the bus, but with a car and everything)

Bad: now I remember a bad thing...I had to get an official form signed that I'm a Catholic in good standing and the priest at the church I've been attending gave me an unexpectedly hard time...I thought about writing him a letter I was so upset, or confessing my serious anger, or something, but then I just kind of got over it! That should go in the good column too!

Good: I think I'm in an irrationally good mood now that most of Isaac's university job applications are out and my meetings with the pharma recruiters are OVER! Yay.

Bad: Give me a minute

Good: I gave blood today and since it was my 3rd time now I'm qualified to go to the Blood Donor Thank You Reception. Thoughts of this reception have since taken over my mind...what will the food be like? Will there be lots of red meat for good Iron levels? What if the annual thank you reception was in September and I have to wait a whole nother year?

Bad: It kinda hurt. Also, the phlebotomist told me that I am never allowed to give platelets because my veins are "honestly not up for it". I feel sorry that my veins are inadequate...but also kind of off the hook because I usually feel guilty for not giving platelets. Back to good...

Good: Netflix is still awesome.

Good: Our lab got rearranged in the move and now I work across from a super-nice and perky girl from Minnesota. Her accent warms my heart and reminds me of my blogfriends.

Good: The fall weather is not too cold yet.

Good: Lynne is posting again!

Good: I got to see a Sufjan Steven's show when a friend had an extra ticket and let me tag along with his family outing. It was so so so great. I preordered my Sufjan Songs for Christmas the next day.

Good: I'm going to set a new policy of posting thoughts in progress instead of letting them sit in my drafts folder.