Sunday, September 10, 2006

vocab questions

I'm just wondering....I read the description of House Season 2 on my Netflix DVD sleeve, where it describes "Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrrison and Jesse Spencer costarring as House's crackpot team of physicians."

I thought "crackpot" was bad. On the other hand, if I read "crack team of physicians" I would think those were good doctors. Where the heck did these words come from anyway? Of course, it's not like these were on the SAT vocabulary lists, so maybe I don't know what they mean at all. Also, what about "crackerjack team of physicians"? Is that one positive or negative, I really can't remember based on my limited contextual exposure to that one.

Another question....what is that song "Crimson and Clover" about? Is it drugs? Is it sex? Is it completely innocent? If so, why the voice distortion? So many questions...

Also, what does trenchant mean?

Thanks, blogworld. I'm not actually expecting to get answers to these questions, but I feel better just having written them down.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

book review?

I don't know, I haven't been reading that much lately.

I got kind of stuck on this one book, called Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married. I guess that what got me to check this book out was this one sentence from someone who writes something called "Publishers Weekly". Fans of Bridget Jones will be delighted. Well, I'm a fan of Bridget Jones (mostly, until the second movie, which frankly, I'm sorry, was not very good, and I very much wanted to like it) and I was not delighted. You liars.

I mean come on already, I just can't believe that someone could be so freaking stupid for 600 pages, only to wise up in the last 40. Like how she can't figure how that her dad's an alcoholic. Or that her crappy crappy boyfriend Gus, who really doesn't deserve the name of boyfriend, is another alcoholic and mooch and complete sucker-drier-type. And I'm sorry, but it's totally unbelievable that her gorgeous friend Daniel (who sounds an awful lot like Hugh Grant with his floppy hair and dry wit and whatnot) would even like her. She's just not very likeable. He'd like Bridget Jones (maybe not the one in the second movie) but why should he like this ball of neurosis Lucy Sullivan? didn't realize my opinions would be so strong about this book, so apologies to anyone who really liked it.

My weekend...

I had a terrific Labor Day weekend thanks to my wonderful family. Friday night Isaac and I went out for Indian food at Bawarchi's (our closest Baluchi's changed their name to Bawarchi's, does anyone know why?) I was all worried about traveling on Saturday because we were supposed to get some weather from Ernesto, but it was barely drizzling when I woke up. So I got myself over to Koreatown, to wait for the Chinatown bus to Baltimore (I know that doesn't make any sense, but that's what you do).

Of course, the bus was kinda late, like 45 minutes, and we got stuck in awful traffic, but I found my mom waiting for me only 75 minutes after I told her I'd get there (Isaac did call Mom to relay the 45 minute delay at least). Yay Mom. Katie and her dog Baci met us at my parents' place, which is only going to be my parents' place for another two weeks because they are moving to a fabulous new house only 5 miles from Beth and Glenn and Lucy! We did some eating, some packing, and some gabbing. Then it was time to bring some food over to B, G, and L's as our admission fee for some serious baby fawning time. Little Ana Lucia is getting to be much bigger Ana Lucia! She's adorable. And such a good girl.

Sunday morning we went to Mass, and then Katie and I "dropped in" for hours more baby time. We generally made ourselves obnoxious and made Beth take the baby out for a walk, and made Beth strap on the Baby Bjorn, and made Glenn help us move the extra changing table downstairs, etc. Then we ate the food that Glenn and his super-nice cousins made (and btw Glenn's female cousins are seriously gorgeous, despite how shallow it is of me to comment on it) It was great fun. Then it was time to get back on the bus for New York. The trip that took 5.5 hours on the way down, less than 3 hours on the way back. I don't want to think about how fast that means we were driving. All I know is that it means I got to surprise Isaac and I didn't even take a taxi home from Koreatown. Then we watched TV (on DVD from netflix) and went to bed. And had a super-lazy Monday, not getting to work until 2:30pm. Oh yay. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what we did with all that time besides me making bran muffins, and us watching a little more TV, but maybe that's because it's not bloggable... :)

Now of course, it's time to pay for all that fun, with what I'm not exactly sure. So far, just with the heart palpitations of feeling generally stressed out, and a long group meeting tonight, making me extremely glad to get home to my medicinal glass of wine. Just let's hope I resist opening another bottle. I can't believe I offered Isaac a glass too, and he's not even drinking his, just letting it sit there while he works all diligently. Next time... 1.5 glasses for Christine, instead of 0.75 glasses for each of us. Look at him, working all hard, it's really quite inspiring. Inspiring me to wonder if I can distract him long enough to drink that glass. I hope he has to go to the bathroom soon.

Lucy pictures coming soon....