Thursday, August 17, 2006


A few years ago I was really into reading "gay mysteries". I always found it kind of fun to find one genre within a genre, and concentrate on those books for my leisure reading... I was reminded of this because I just saw a review in the NYT for a movie adaptation of one of the books I read, Shock to the System by Richard Stevenson.

Here are some examples of the kind of gay mystery cover I would feel comfortable checking out from the library...




Here are a couple of examples of the kind of cover that would deter me from the checkout encounter with the librarian.


In my mind, all librarians have the same ultra-judgmental tendencies as the one I grew up with in Maryland. I say one, because I remember one librarian in particular who I would do anything to avoid at checkout time. Oops, I remembered one more book that I just had to check out...I dreaded hearing a comment about my less-than-enriching reading material. I always had to have a couple of books from the "Classics" section to cover my trashy reading.

It's kind of funny, these days I'm using both my library account and Isaac's (pretty much like it's mine). The less shameful library material inevitably winds up getting checked out on Isaac's card, just because I certainly can't check out the trashy things on his card...that would be kind of mean to let the librarians judge him for my shame. So the last time I went to pick stuff up, here were the things I was getting for me:



Here are the things I was getting for "Isaac" (really me):


The librarian checked each set of items out separately, and when she saw what "my husband" was getting, she conspiratorially and sarcastically said, "Looks like some fun weekend reading." (Actually this book is not as dense as the cover would seem to indicate...which is not to say that I have gotten more than 15 pages in.)

So now I guess I have developed a split personality with the library accounts. In "Christine's" hold list, there is stuff like: Stick It, Gilmore Girls, What a Girl Wants, Power Yoga, and Sweet Nothings (this is part of my other genre within a genre reading - romance featuring heroines with disabilities). In "Isaac's" account, there are things like: Sontag & Kael: Opposites Attract Me, Good Night and Good Luck, and James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon.

It really is crippling to spend so much time worrying what these people will think about me, but I know that if I were a librarian I would be constantly evaluating people based on what they were checking out. What amazingly good blog material that would make!

fun at work

Yesterday I mentioned to Isaac that this guy John had stopped by the lab.

He was like, who?

And I said, you know, John, the guy who works for the professor who just moved to NYC from the Midwest.

Isaac said, You mean Dave?*

I said, Oops, yes.

How can I keep all these ordinary names straight? Anyway, I helped the guy from the Midwest find a few chemicals to borrow and lent him some paper towels, because their stuff isn't all here yet. As he was leaving he said, "Thanks, you're a doll!" To which I responded with confused silence and then a "Take care!"

So I was telling Isaac about being called a doll, which I really think is sweet, but I was kind of wondering if this was a regional thing or something or if I've never heard it on the East Coast because people here are too afraid of anything that could ever possibly be construed as sexually harrassing coworkers...or maybe it's just this guy's thing. I mostly think it's sweet because my Italian grandma always always always called us doll. Actually for her it was gender-neutral, appropriate for all grandchildren.

PS did you know that the Japanese way of saying "sexual harrassment" is seku-hara? Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a cute way of saying it!

PPS No anti-Japanese sentiment meant...

*not his real name.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hello baby!

I had a great trip down to Maryland last weekend! I got to visit with the new parents and the new baby! And everyone else of course.


I think I was about to blink or something in this picture, but it's the only proof I have that Lucy and I were in the same room.


She's a good sleeper - at least during the day! At night, that's another story. Beth and Glenn were looking like the most zombie-like versions of themselves that I've yet seen. I hope it gets better soon!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby Lucy is here!!!!!!!

Lucy (Analucia Frances) arrived last night at 10:09pm, not a minute too soon for my poor sister suffering through back labor! Everyone is smitten with her, including me, distance being no object with such a subject to love....I haven't seen her yet in person...

But I have seen some pictures! Courtesy of my dad!

sleepy lucy

After hearing my cousins call my dad Uncle Rich for all these years, it never really occured to me that one day we'd be calling my brother Uncle Rich. Here he is!

Uncle Rich

I'm so excited that I will be meeting Lucy in person this weekend...I've already started charging up the battery on my camera only 3 days ahead.

Best news in the world

Healthy baby news!

Ana Lucia Frances G. is here!

Born: 10:20pm 8/1/06

Congratulations Beth and Glenn!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baby un-update!

Well, there's really not much news on the baby front so far. Stubborn little baby girl, just like her mom, not quite ready to face the world... The pitocin has been increased...and nothing else is happening yet. No water broken or anything. At least that's the 4th hand news. That's what I get for being 200 miles away from the action - I have the feeling that there are some more details in there that I'm missing. I wouldn't mind hearing what she had for lunch, whether the pain is already started or not, what Glenn had for lunch, etc...

I can't wait to hear all about it!

PS The airconditioning stopped working at our lab. Probably because of the insane power load here today. I'm glad that we are not having a blackout but everything is getting very slimy and moist. The floor is all slippery from water condensing on it. This is awful for doing chemistry...everything is water-sensitive, and when it's all wet like this...reactions don't work.

Baby countdown!

I'm going to be an aunt in a short time - at least I hope it's a short time for the sake of my dear sister!

Gosh if there's anything to make you feel lazy and worthless it's the knowledge that in 20 minutes or so, your sister will be injected with a hormone which will bring on labor, and you'll be sitting at home drinking tea and watching the new Justin Timberlake video. (again)

I should also be feeling lazy and worthless because right now Isaac is outside doing a SPEED workout, on the hottest day of the year. My mission (should I choose to accept it): To delay getting in the shower until he buzzes, so I can hear the buzzer and let him in. It feels good to be needed.

That's him now! Good luck Beth!