Monday, July 31, 2006


Guess who is having a baby tomorrow! My sister! Beth is getting induced tomorrow morning! Her blood pressure creeped up all of a sudden and they are getting that baby girl out one week early. Beth's birthday is August 2nd and our mom's is August 5th. Looks like it will be a busy birthday time from now on.

I can't wait to meet my sweet little niece!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thank God for John Denver (rest his soul)

Yesterday was a big day in the lab for Isaac, and so I offered to take over his coffee-making chore. But I couldn't find the coffee filters. Isaac says, "Oh, I used the last one yesterday." Crap. You know what this means. It means a trip to the ghetto Gristede's supermarket 1.5 blocks from work. It's the Upper East Side, how ghetto could it be?

I don't know, but there is just a nasty vibe when you go in there. First of all, it's always kinda dirty-looking. Just what I look for in a food purveyor. Today, there is only one person working, and some lady just got in front of me with a totally full cart. I am holding coffee filters and a ten dollar bill, all ready to go. The lady behind me also has a totally full cart, and some creepy old man asks if he can go in front of her since he only has a few items. I turn around to see that he has a totally chock full to the brim hand-carry basket. She says he can't go ahead of her since she has ice cream in her cart and has got to get home.

While my attention is distracted, the express line opens and "next" is called. My path is blocked by the empty and abandoned cart of the lady in front of me. Of course, some lady at the very back of the line runs over there anyway. The really mean homeless guy who hangs out in front of the church across the street comes in and harrasses everyone briefly.

And yet, a feeling of peace fills me...I get to read the headlines of some worthy periodicals (NICOLE COLLAPSES!) I realize that this supermarket is playing the Greatest Hits of John Denver, just like the last time I came in. It's so calming. By the time we get to the clapping part in Take me Home Country Roads, I've entered the same zen state that I can see on the faces of the cashiers. Nothing can touch us in this mountainy state of mind. Maybe this is like the technique of playing classical music to drive away loiterers in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. (I noticed that they also play classical music only in the Starbucks most susceptible to homeless loiterers.)

Anyway, THANKS John Denver.

PS what is this picture about?


Friday, July 14, 2006


A pictorial summary of the last month...

1. Nick and Gina came to town for a week. He defended his dissertation and we had a fun time hanging out. Here we are at Tiffany's, listening to music and looking a little overheated.


Eating Thai food in Queens with Cordy!


2. Isaac ran in a race and did great!


3. My sister had her baby shower at her mother-in-law's place in NJ. It was so much fun!


PS I'm really not pregnant though I look a little bit disturbingly so in this picture!


Would you believe I attempted to blowdry my hair straight twice on the morning of this party?


Here's a picture of me looking really ridiculous...apparently showing great joy at other people's gifts is very important to me.


More events to follow!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

christine is pathetic

But I'm just so excited about this that I had to post.

The BBC Office is going to meet the NBC Office. I'm so excited about this I can hardly think. Tim and Dawn and Gareth meeting Jim and Pam and Dwight? Oh, please let it be good and satisfying.