Wednesday, May 31, 2006

identity theft might be important too

But all I could think when I saw this article in the NY Times was, is this an official USPS uniform? What is that, a mini-skort?


Thursday, May 18, 2006

by the way you are totally going to get sick of me talking about this, if you aren't already

I saw TWO heinous bubble skirts on the street, just on the 5 minute walk from lunch. One was on a tween...the horror of the mini-bubble. Oh Lord, she looked like she knew she shouldn't be wearing it, she was trying to smooth it down. But the bubble will not be tamed, it will not be smoothed away. Please, tween girl, get out of bubble hell while you still can.

Then I saw an older woman getting into a taxi, and she was wearing another hugely unflattering style, combined with the bubble skirt. The DROP WAIST bubble skirt. Oh yes. I'm not sure who the drop waist is supposed to look good on, maybe people who don't have hips? Definitely not me, and I'm sorry Ms. Silver Hair, (your hair looked terrific by the way) it doesn't look good on you either.

It just occured to me that the mini-bubble skirt technically also has a drop waist, so maybe you are wondering why I am making a big deal about it on a longer skirt. But I think on a skirt that short no one is looking at the waist, they are looking at the vast expanse of your legs and wondering if you are in imminent danger of flashing something you shouldn't. Especially if you are only 12. I don't mean people are especially looking for the flashing if you are 12 but you especially shouldn't be flashing it if you are 12. Oh, nevermind. At the risk of sounding like my mother, what are these girls' parents thinking?

Happy Mothers-to-Be Day!

I know that I'm a little bit late on the Mother's Day front, but I have big unblogged mother-related news. Not related to me....but to my sister. My sister Beth is going to be a mom! Everyone is extremely excited to welcome this new member of the family. Especially since she (she seems to be a she!) will be the first grandbaby on both sides of the family! I wanted to be a little jealous that Beth beat me to it, but I really can't be, because I know she is going to be the very best Mom. She's due in August, and in the meantime, baby items are being gathered from family members up and down the eastern seaboard. Beth's husband Glenn has a huge family and lots of baby-making cousins! And of course I spend plenty of time looking at Beth's baby registry and other baby stuff online. Whee!

So happy Mother's day to my mom and to Beth!

In other news, we thought that Isaac's dad was coming tomorrow, but he called this morning from Seattle, halfway here already! Wow. So we had to take quite a long lunch to do a lot of cleaning that was supposed to happen tonight. Hopefully the apartment will not smell too pinesol-y or bleach-y. Oh well. Also, Isaac's dad is bringing his new girlfriend...which should be...interesting. He's been a widower for 2.5 years now. I feel weird cleaning the apartment for someone other than my mother-in-law, who actually passed away 6 weeks before she would have become my mother-in-law. But I know that Jane would have wanted us to seem like clean people in front of any new girlfriend. Isaac's actually handling the whole thing in a much more mature manner than I am. On the bright side, guess who's gettting treated to a dinner out tonight!

In other other news, I'm leaving for my 36 hour work retreat tomorrow morning at an early early hour. I can never decide whether this will be fun or not, but i'm thinking it will be fun. I was supposed to be sharing a room with a stranger (not so fun) but as it turn out, my friendly labmate offered to share with me. She was supposed to be sharing with her husband, but he can't go. She could have had a room all to herself, but she took pity on me and offered to share. Isn't that nice?

I had a bizarre dream about my other female labmate last night that she was best friends with Jessica and Ashley Simpson. I was so surprised, because my labmate is a very quiet girl, and when I'm conscious I think of her as kind of Quaker-like actually, but in the dream she asked me to take a picture of her with the Simpsons, and then they were best friends.

On that note, I wish you all a great weekend and many pleasant dreams of celebrities. Or guys who you see at the gym. Or guys who work in your husbands' labs.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

fashion opinions from the unfashionable

I would like to make my position on the bubble skirt known once again:

Bubble skirts are ugly and bad. Thank you for your attention.

The first hint of impending bubble skirt was at last year's fancy Waldorf dinner event, where we observed a woman in a gold metallic bubble skirt chowing down on the crudite. I had never seen one of these items before, and quickly learned the name of the atrocity, just so I could describe it in all its horror to someone, anyone. Seriously, I think these skirts make guachos and the skinny bermuda shorts look good. Good on someone else who isn't my friend, that is.

I offer some examples which range from No to GOD NO!

Not cute with those cute, if painful looking espadrilles (those are espadrilles right?)


Definitely not cute with pleats:


Reconfirmed, not cute in eveningwear:


And finally, Dear God Please Save the Children from the horrors of this skirt. Right now. I'm going to write to my congressional representatives if I have to.


If my opinion doesn't coincide with your own, remember that I regularly wear hand-me-downs from all manner of elderly relatives and clothes that I bought on ebay or found in the laundry room trashcan (kidding about that last one, haven't found anything in the trash worth keeping...yet). So there's really no reason to be upset because I don't know what I'm talking about.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Saturday so far...

I'm tallying up the good and bad of my day so far, which is only 3.5 hours long.

1. Good: Got to sleep in after our gorgefest at Dallas BBQ last night (i got the potato, and therefore had to finish all of the baby back ribs)

2. Bad: Plugged in the TV for some Saturday morning Bollywood action, only to find that they cancelled my favorite show - V Desi. It had this great request segment, called U2U, hosted by a kind of scary raspy voiced woman with a line of exercise videos (Masala Bhangra). Sad.

3. Good: I fixed the internet when Isaac and Nick were both stumped and had restarted every device in the apartment 3 times each.

4. Bad: I thought the grocery deliveryman was here and got dressed superfast out of the shower but it was just Isaac needing to use the bathroom. He didn't get too far on his run this morning.

5. REALLY bad: He came out of the bathroom claiming that something "funny, but also kind of awful" had happened. He knocked my mp3 player into the toilet. God damn. He borrowed it for his run and apparently it HAD to come into the bathroom with him.

6. Whatever: He's in the lab right now putting it into a flask he can attach a vacuum pump to, I wonder if that will work. Of course, for the rest of the player's life it will still be toilety. I know it was an accident though...he's pretty much forgiven.

Friday, May 12, 2006


1.. Nick has been in town for a week! He wrote his dissertation and is handing it in to committee members today. Pretty awesome.

2. Tonight we are having happy hour...which makes me...happy.

3. Then we are having dinner at Dallas BBQ, home of the Texas-sized margarita. And huge plates of food. I have been thinking all day about whether I'm going to get french fries or not...or a baked potato. i mean, is a baked potato that much more virtuous? I don't really like baked potatoes. What i'd really like is to substitute a salad, but is that even possible? If I can't have real vegetables shouldn't I just eat the pound of delicious french fries? (they are really good french fries)

4. I've watched 18 episodes of Six Feet Under in the last 2 weeks. We got the first two seasons from the library...

5. Also, we might watch Shopgirl this week (also from the library), but i don't want to see it if i'm going to have to be embarrassed for Steve Martin. I don't have the energy for that crap.

6. Haven't done a real workout for almost two months!

7. But we walked all the way to Chinatown last weekend via central park (about 5.5 miles)

8. then proceeded to eat a huge and delicious Vietnamese dinner. I think Pho Viet Huong is better than it's ever been. Or maybe the good cook only comes in on Saturday night....

9. Hell YES I love The Office. And I'm so glad that nbc-office watchers are finally getting to have the screaming fits that I had when I watched the Office special last Christmas. (via lindsayism, via Jane magazine)

10. Time for me to get a snack.

Friday, May 05, 2006

viva visitors!

We got an email from Nick yesterday saying that he is coming to New York on Sunday! This Sunday, for a week. Very exciting. Even more exciting is that this means his thesis is all written and everything. We haven't heard yet whether Gina is coming too...

Then, in another two weeks, Isaac's dad is coming to New York. We have been looking for all sorts of stuff to do with him...should we go to see a 6 hour play (Faust) or a violin recital (Maxim Vengerov) or some old Soviet films (please God no I do like the groovy hat though).

Another option which was well received was the Moscow Cats Theatre.

I think it's awesome that this cat looks freaking bored out of its mind.


Also, Russian clowns are scarier than other kinds.


Looks like we will be having a fun time with people coming through town though... having guests always means better food and funner activities.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

scientists are hot...

I thought this was too funny not to mention, although I'm afraid to actually link to this website for fear of people somehow finding their way back to here is something you could cut and paste and remove parentheses and add dots. Or you don't have too look at it at all...but it's kind of like a Random Hotness for chemists.


Do you think I'm a little paranoid? Maybe I am, but I'm kind of freaked out by the idea of commenting on the hotness of fellow chemists and having real life people actually read about it. This field feels awfully small.

That said, I think this website is hilarious. Knowing who some of these people are might make it funnier to me. Also, that last picture which is referred to as a "myspace" photo, how dead on is that? I get a kick out of the "action shots" in front of the graduate students' workspace too. The graduate student edition is probably my favorite.

can't sleep...

I know that plenty of people get up even earlier than 5am, but not me. I couldn't get back to sleep this morning. On the bright side, I have a great song in my head right now.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dissecting a song I like

One of those songs that changes the way you think about the world

I'm being a little melodramatic, but for the last three weeks, I have been listening to this song by The Long Winters. Listening to it kind of a lot. Then I tried to figure out why I think it's so great. Mostly I think it resonates with some of my song-loving triggers...of which there are many.

0:09 - the piano starts, playing the same 3 chords over and over.

0:22 - singing starts "boys and girls..." we like that.

0:28 - percussion please...especially if it will seem to be lethargic and holding the song back like the piano chords I love that.

1:06 - tropic of capricorn...i love geographic references

1:34 - weird synthetic string breakthrough, I'm with you.

1:53 harmony vocal overdub in the right ear I am so with you...

2:10 - just keep layering that stuff on...

2:15 - horses?

2:50 - mention the radio...i love that

2:56 - oh, and Houston, we're talking about astronauts I LOVE that! Major Tom anyone?

3:08 Astronauts going home...major tom...yeah...oh no.

3:32 break into the stripped down piano only repetitive phrase....this will get me every single time, especially if it has to do with Astronauts! best part of the song...and the saddest.

3:45 - start layering it back on....and the drums...

4:00 - and then we're into a nice round of overlapping vocals...

4:25 - synthetic strings come back in...

Oh, what a nice song.