Sunday, April 30, 2006

i love lindsay robertson, and movie reviews...

I'm a fan of and Lindsay has been guest blogging at Jane magazine this month. Also, I hated Crash. More specifically I hated the fact that Crash won Best Picture and I will never understand why Brokeback Mountain didn't win. Don't try to explain it to me, I don't want to hear it.

So I loved this Lindsay post.

In other movie review news...since not everyone is my Netflix friend like Stacy and BigLugJen...and now Lubna (!!! so excited to have a new Netflix friend)

We recently watched:

Troy - 3/5 stars - I'm sorry, but does anyone think Brad Pitt is a good actor? Nice legs Brad, but I could hardly stand to look into his dead eyes. Also, please don't beat us over the head about your eternal glory and name living on and all that crap. I guess it didn't help that the last time I heard someone talk about Achilles, it was the author of that book Manliness in an interview on the radio. The predominant feeling I came away with is that men are really fucked up. What's with all the pride in killing? Loved the fight scenes though...I guess i'm an awful hypocrite.

The Last King - 4/5 stars - Rufus Sewell, love him, and I will definitely see Tristan and Isolde now that I realized Rufus is in it. I took away the fifth star because I was really grossed out by Helen McCrory playing the super-depraved mistress. Ick. Stop licking people already. Also, how awkward would it be around the movie set, I mean she really did everyone in the movie. The king, the king's teenage son, the king's best friend, who happened to be her cousin...

The Island - 4/5 stars - So much better than expected! I missed the non-ObiWan Ewan McGregor. Lots of fun high-speed chasing and a premise that if not totally original, was at least well executed. Also, nice idea to make the main characters have no knowledge of sex or love, it really simplified what might have been a tricky character development for most of the movie!

The Squid and the Whale - 5/5 stars - Jeff Daniels did a great job as a completely obnoxious conceited jerk who completely screwed up his kid who tried to be like him. Also, I would watch Laura Linney read the phone book. I watched that awful movie about the possessed girl just for her.

NBC's The Office - 5/5 stars - I'm a huge fan of the BBC Office and I was scared to watch the American one. But oh my God, Steve Carrell did such a good job of making me cringe. The Chris Rock routine...I don't mind at all that it is the exact same show. I'm looking forward to seeing many many more episodes! Except when the hell is the second season going to be on DVD? It's not even over yet is it? Oh darn.

Gangs of New York - 2/5 stars - Recently rewatched this at my parents' place. I really didn't like it. And I'm going to ask once again, what happened to Leonardo DiCaprio? I thought he was good in the Gilbert Grape movie and even in (i'll admit it) Titanic. But he just looks like he has no neck in this and no brain either. I just don't get the whole point of the stupid movie, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Achilles and stupid men again.

That's just the most recent things we've seen - I realized that I should really attempt to review movies on my blog instead of the "two cents" review space at Netflix. They limit you to 250 characters or something, which might be enough for some people, but I am always putting in filler expressions like "all in all" or "if you ask me" or "really, though". So I get to the end of my two cents much more quickly than I would like. Then I am forced to go back into 250 characters and make my opinion sound much more decisive and forceful than I would like. (it strikes me as really masculinizing somehow) The whole point of doing the two cents review and not a regular review is so that I don't have to edit it, since Stacy and Jen (and Lubna!) are the only people who can see it. But it's really not working out that way since I have to take out all my favorite expressions to soften my opinionatedness.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pictures from our trip to Seattle

I just got these off my camera...

We took a trip to the Arboretum in Seattle - it was sad that the Japanese Garden was closed (stupid Mondays) but we had a nice time walking around these other non Japanese trees.


Me and Isaac's Dad...


Isaac's dad taking time to smell the....something.


I thought I was being all smart and artsy.


Obligatory glasses swapping...


Isaac's Dad and Herschel, a much less neurotic terrier than he used to be!


Isaac's sister and K.C., the adorable (and slightly neurotic) fluffball...


Me and K.C....and my huge thigh.


And Petunia! She's totally unneurotic, breaking the trend when it comes to Seattle pets.


Mitsuwa = good

Isaac and I had a great time two Saturdays ago going to the Mitsuwa Japanese shopping center with Mai, Li-Ling and I-Chen. First, we met at Gate 51 of the Port Authority bus terminal, which happens to be scenically located in an exhaust-filled parking garage. It was all rainy outside though, so at least we were somewhat dry. The shuttle bus took us to the wilds of New Jersey (with great views of the city) and Mitsuwa.

We made a beeline for the food court - I got a delicious broiled eel don (rice bowl), and Isaac got a beef don ...this would be more exciting with pictures maybe. Other people got yummy looking fried pork cutlets. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a fried pork cutlet right now. Even though it's not yet 7am. I love that Japanese fried stuff, especially tempura anything with the tempura sauce.

Food court = good. Then we went over to the bookstore, where non-Japanese readers like myself can look at cute stationery, stickers, and assorted Hello Kitty paraphernalia. And little notebooks with Engrish sayings like this. We went to the store next door which sold...all sorts of stuff, from dishes to divided tupperware that Mai was looking for, to flip flops and backpacks and more Hello Kitty stuff, and furniture, and also door curtains (noren). Isaac and I bought one for our kitchen door to try to keep the heat in the kitchen...trying to get ready for a summer of cooking.

Then it was time for the food shopping. Oh how I love food shopping, especially when you are just looking for treats. Isaac went a little crazy in the kakinotane and rice crackers section. I went a little nuts in the sesame crunch department (it was like peanut brittle made of sesame and sunflower seeds and good). We also got some of those gummies. Muscat flavored, peach flavored, and kiwi flavored, containing apparently real seeds from kiwi fruit. Which begs the question, is this kiwi flavor THAT real (i don't think so), or is someone selling kiwi seeds just to put in gummies? Or were those really just good copies of kiwi seeds, and if so, there is a market for FAKE kiwi seeds?

We came home poorer and happier and with tons of Japanese snacks that don't fit my plan for everyday eating. But hopefully we will have some company over soon and they can help consume some yummy wasabi flavored treats. The end.

Monday, April 24, 2006

worst book ever...

well one of the worst books ever. What with the airport/plane time on the trip to Seattle, and the bus ride to and from Maryland, I have been reading a lot of trashy books lately. I can't read anything "good" when I am traveling. Most of the books had at least some entertainment value...others not so much.

But this audio book that I'm listening to just takes the cake. The plot is so stupid - it involves murders and time travel, and a time capsule, and some paper which has the key to time travel, and terrorists wielding spears made in the future (I'm not kidding). Then the cop hero asks the heroine from the future whether she is a robot, which really hurts her feelings...awww, get OVER it bitch. It just sucks. So I'm not going to listen to it anymore. The end.

Friday, April 21, 2006

about work...

When I went to MN, stacy asked me, so what is it exactly, that you do? Oh, you mean besides religious attendance at happy hours, ogling the model, and eating lunch in the cafeteria? Well kids, i'm still trying to figure that one out myself. But here are some random things about my work, which involves chemicals, ones that I use, and ones that I make.

1. I recently mixed two things together to make a new compound, and I swear to God it smells just like dill pickles. It really freaked me out. Most things I make smell less distinctive.

2. Sometimes when I've got a huge flask in front of me that is full of some toxic stuff dissolved in a lot of smelly and flammable solvent, I get an urge (controllable thus far) to chug it. Just because it's there...not because I have a death wish or something.

3. I have to get dry ice every day to make various stuff cold. Then I smash it into powder with this metal cap from a gas tank. We used to have a dry ice crusher/grinder, which was bought used from some defunct slushee-making place. But OSHA took it away because there was no safety mechanism to prevent people from grinding their fingees. I kind of like the crushing with the cap though, it is a good stress reliever because it takes a lot of force.

4. I like all my coworkers! But you'll never believe I really mean it because you might think i'm just afraid of them finding this blog! But I really do like each and every one of them!

5. One of my favorite words is pyrophoric...not so fun to deal with the substances it describes.

6. On a related note, our fire alarm system is really annoying. There is an inaudible speaker system which tells you what to do in case of an emergency. It's so soft I can hardly hear it from my desk, much less over at my workspace. Oh well.

7. Sometimes when I'm washing dishes at home, I reach for the squirt bottle of acetone that I wash all my chemistry glassware with.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

guilty uninteresting post

Random thoughts since I can't seem to get my self together.

1. I'm loving Six Feet Under. We are about to finish the 5th season...the last disc comes today! then we will go back and watch the first two seasons I guess!

2. Isaac did his jury duty on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. He got off SO easy, having to be there for only about 5 hours total what with going in late Tuesday, breakfast and lunch breaks, and getting off very early both days, and not even having to go for a 3rd day. I'm happy for him though...

3. We traveled a lot last week! We went to Seattle on Monday morning and came back Wednesday morning - the purpose of the trip being to see Isaac's dad who was there for some minor surgery. We try to take the opportunity to see him when he comes to "The Lower 48" as the Alaskans call it.

4. Then we went to Maryland for Easter - yay. Everyone was there. I forgot to take pictures of us in our Easter outfits, so imagine that we all looked really good. I also reconnected with an old HS friend at Mass and got to meet her husband and two year old cute.

5. Back in the beginning of April I went to see....Gaelic Storm! Of Stacy fame. Luckily she had given me the CD Special Reserve, a great introduction to this band, just the week before. I had been listening to it for a few days when I looked up and realized the band was going to be in town real soon. It was a super fun show, and I bounced up and down on my wooden clogs for a few hours, ensuring super-sore shins for like a week (what the hell is wrong with me and my shins?) Also, I fell a little bit in love with the bagpipe player who happens to be 7 years younger than me. I felt a little sorry when i realized that. But at the time, I just happily stared at him, and told my husband how cute the bagpipe player was...who else was I going to tell?


Also, Stacy, did you see these people at your Gaelic Storm concert - I thought their t-shirts were cute. It's another Minneapolis-based Gaelic Storm loving blogger...

I had better get a little bit of work done before my boss catches me blogging...again. I have been giving my cntl-h (hide) fingers a workout lately...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Hopping bunny and cute little chicky greetings to all! We're going to sit down to our Easter ham/round roast/salmon (hard to please everyone here) dinner any minute.

Friday, April 14, 2006

not the end, not the end....

I guess you all just thought I was through with blogging, after the pinnacle of delight that was my trip to Bloggerville, USA. But I will return! I am returning!

I still have a few pictures to put up from my trip, though I will have to abbreviate the commentary, which really isn't all that....what? I guess I was trying to be funny? it's not all that funny, so I can just put the pictures.

I have done some other fun things in the last couple of weeks in NY that I wouldn't mind blogging about too, although I won't mention how I have fallen off the food and exercise wagon a little bit. Ooops, too late I mentioned it. But I am getting right back on, so it doesn't even matter.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Minnesota Blogfriends Dream Vacation, Part 3: Sunday

My last day...for the sake of completeness!

Well, after our evening of polka/drinky fun at Nye's, followed by giggly sleepover behavior with Stacy, there was little hope of us getting up in time to meet Greg and Michael for a woods outing. Despite the help of the upstairs neighbors weed-whacking their carpet at an early hour. Stacy later explained that they were doing something called vacuuming. I'm not familiar with this term. You can imagine what our home looks like.

So, a little bit of a late start, but Stacy and I set off for a couple of Stacy spots, aka The Woods, and The Club. Yay! The plan had been to actually work out at the club, and actually do a hike in the woods, but both of these things turned out to be a little too ambitious in our sleep-deprived state. Instead we drove over to the club and went past some other people working out. They all looked at Stacy like the Club celebrity that she is, falling at her feet and whatnot. I think she was a little embarrassed by all the attention. And I got to see her "success story" up on the wall. It was just lovely. I made sure to check out the copious amenities too, cotton swabs and razors. Somehow I managed to get out of there without cleaning my ears or shaving anything, but it was a temptation.

We reconvened with hotbabe and then headed out to the MOA (this doesn't stand for museum of art, like I thought it would, but Mall of America!) I was mesmerized by the wide open spaces and people everywhere. Also, I was impressed with both of my companions' knowledge of Mall Geography. I think this is a course offered at local high schools. Here we are at the Mall!


And in the gourmet peanut butter store - where oh my gosh was the peanut butter good!


And then we went out for a really yummy pasta dinner at the famous Broder's pasta bar, and indulged one last time...until the next day at least when I would eat some weird chinese food in the Philadelphia airport and make myself sick. Then we went home to hb's place and took last pictures with the timer on the camera. :( I had to run after Stacy for one last forced hug as she was getting on the elevator. Oh sad.


The end!