Friday, September 30, 2005

tell me why

do I believe isaac when he tells me he will be ready to leave work in 5 minutes. Why why why?

PS Happy hour was fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A nice evening...

Last night was the first concert in the Peggy Rockefeller series that we subscribed to. We get super-cheap tickets for being postdocs at the related institution across the street. It was a lot of fun. The performance was by violinist Corey Cerovsek, with Paavali Jumppanen playing the piano. I thought that sounded kind of like an Indian name, but apparently no, that's a Finnish name, as Isaac relished telling me.

Isaac met this guy Corey 12 years ago in his hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska of all places, when he was in town for a concert back then. Isaac was showing the guy around town while he was there, which doesn't take long. I think Isaac took him to see the roller rinks (there are several), the McDonald's and maybe the Indian all-you-can-eat pizza place. That's Fairbanks. But they also got super lucky while they were driving around in the dark (which would be any one of 22 of 24 hours during the winter) and saw the best aurora borealis that Isaac has ever seen. Like 10 times better than the next best one.

Anyway, the program included 3 violin-piano sonatas by Janacek, Debussy and Beethoven (the Kreutzer sonata). It was really lucky that I got to hear the Debussy played by this guy because on Friday we happened to hear it played by this girl Jessica Lee. Jessica Lee is a competition winning kind of violin player. She gets the notes right, and can play fast and accurately. Sadly, she also sounded like a robot to me. There was nothing the slightest bit exciting about her performance. Even when she was playing really loud and appeared to be pushing down hard with her bow there wasn't the slightest bit of crunchiness or change in tone color (PS I learned this vocabulary from Isaac). I thought I didn't like the Debussy and and that it was kind of cheap-sounding.

Getting to hear Cerovsek play it on the other hand - the music had a real pulse to it. He would frequently start playing a note and change the tone of it in the middle of playing. His playing was dynamic and exciting and virtuostic. The Debussy was like a completely different piece in his hands. The Beethoven sonata was also really exciting, although it might have been a little too crunchy in some places. It also didn't hurt that his violin was a really nice Stradivarius. I don't know how much of it depends on the player, but Lee's violin sounded puny and tinny.

I wish I were better at describing the music that I actually like - I have a lot more words to describe the dead-sounding playing than the performance that I actually enjoyed. I think this was the best violin recital I have seen since we saw Gidon Kremer playing Bach over in Columbia's St. Paul's Chapel.

But guess who will be playing in Carnegie Hall later this month - Lee or Cerovsek? :( Too bad for us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the computer at work....

Did I mention I finally received my replacment mp3 player? Yay! You might have been clued in by the fact that I listened to the booty-fest yesterday at work for 4 hours straight. Headphones required...

Speaking of which, my Japanese labmate has moved down to the other end of the room, and my new desk-sharer is a rotating grad student. (That means he might or might not join our lab eventually, which I guess puts pressure on me to somehow sell this guy on the group--i'm so charismatic...). One great thing about the Japanese labmate was (is - he's not dead!) his politeness and unshakeability. I could look at my blogs, pictures of that freaky-ugly dog, the occasional penguin movie trailer, etc. He was so non-judgemental.

Now on other hand I've got a skinny vegetarian (that's relevant somehow) rotation student who seems kind of judgemental. Yes, you caught me ripping all the Harry Potter CD's from the library to my Itunes, and looking at pictures of random puppies on flickr and stifling hysterical laughter at all my favorite blogs. Of course, whenever the skinny vegetarian gets on the computer he is only looking at scientific stuff. How boring. Anyway, he seems like a very nice person, but I'm wishing for my ultra-polite unjudging colleague to be back with me. (is it racist and stereotype-perpetuating to observe that the Japanese guy really is super-polite?)

This was going to be a post about my new adorable mp3 player, but I got sidetracked.


I like it. It's good! And now no one can judge me for listening to silly songs on repeat.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Booty Don't Stop

I'm not sure that I really have a solid grasp of the definition of irony, but I think this might qualify. On the day that I wrote to Brian about how I thought much of the 5th floor of the MOMA was agressive male misogynist bullshit, I listened to "The Booty Don't Stop" on repeat approximately 517 times. Seriously, this is the best song. I'm not sure how I lived 28.5 years without hearing it before. If you have heard it before, don't tell me now, because I'll just be mad you didn't tell me sooner.

I haven't heard the original version of the song. It was recorded by some guys in Michigan and someone found a copy of their tape which contained like 20 songs all about booty. Oh forget it, just read the story here. Then some guy's brother recorded a folky version of the booty anthem. The name of his band is Poem Adept and you can download the song from their website. (PS if big butts are NSFW, this is NSFW).

Here's my favorite verse:

David and Goliath
Moses and the Sea
Noah and his punk-ass ark don't mean a thing to me
But mighty is the crescent and holy is the hole
So baby let's get Biblical and I'll show you the score
Other boys may covet and others may be meek
But other boys don't get to watch you turn the other cheek


By the way, we went to the MOMA on Saturday. We got in for free with a pass from Isaac's cousin's girlfriend's dad. The girlfriend's family lives in a 5 story house on Gramercy Park. (!!) Anyway, I know I'm being literal-minded to be provoked by some of these artworks to the point of hating the artists, but it felt like a pile-on of gender-based nastiness in that first room, and it really set the tone for our whole time there. Also, we were kind of stuck with a slow group since we were there with Isaac's uncle and two cousins, and museums are hard with more than 2-3 people. I hated the things that they wanted to linger at, and would have rather spent more time in places that were less confrontational.

Isaac got a reputation for being a philistine right off the bat for saying that the images in the big painting in the front hall looked like something you would see in a bathroom stall. He tried to recover with, "but not in a bad way..."

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Hotbabe!

Happy Birthday to you Jen!

I hope that you had a great great day with minimal class time and maximum fun!

I have been thinking about how best to honor you on this day and that made me think about food. Almost everything makes me think of food. But when I started thinking about a special hotbabe honoring birthday meal, I had a hard time. Mostly because of this best of 2005 post.

Umm. It's much easier for me to put together a meal of things you hate than things you like. I have like 1/2 of these hated things in my fridge right now. I do not have any pumpkin cheesecake or good cheese curds or beef stroganoff. There are no Leanne Chin's or Chipotle's near me. Nothing chocolate at all... I could have stopped on the way home for a Subway tuna sub, but I want to keep my teeth!

So I put together the anti-hotbabe meal. For the first course, olives, raisins, broccoli and funny cheese. Actually the only thing that makes the raw broccoli edible is the blue cheese. I'm out of lowfat sour cream to make dip with. :)


The second course...CURRY! From the best Thai restaurant in NYC.


And you know what's in there...lots of fish sauce.


And for dessert. The worst dessert ever. No chocolate. I don't have any chocolate in the apartment. That's because I eat it all within 24 hours. Instead, we are left with an experiment in corn muffins gone wrong. I was trying to use up the gazillion jalapenos I have left from 3 weeks in a row of buying them for no apparent reason. However, this muffin does become much better after slathering in honey and butter. (Thanks for the tip Nick.)


So that's my dinner in honor of you and your hatreds Jenny! I hope that you are having something that you love right now!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Wish you were here Stacy...

There's a big tag sale going on at the Senior Center on my walk to work. We could get whole new wardrobes!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

what we're feeling bad today for laughing at yesterday

Yesterday I was halfway down a block and noticed a lady pushing another lady in a wheelchair up ahead. But she couldn't get it up onto the sidewalk over the potholed puddly crappy sidewalk/street ramp. Luckily there was a man waiting to cross, and he decided to be a good Samaritan and help out. So he reverses the wheelchair and gets up a little speed...and of course, hits whatever impediment is under that puddle and poor grandma was jerked forward horribly. She wasn't anywhere close to falling out, which is why it was funny I guess. If she actually had fallen out I think I would be able to hold off on the laughter. At least no one else saw me giggling...

PS Yes, that's me using the royal we up there, do you want to make something of it? I need a damn tiara.

You know how Bush is the Education President?

Gosh, I almost choked just typing that. Isaac likes to call him the Enron President, and even sent that as a suggestion to the Kerry campaign back in the day. They really needed our brilliant minds on things like that...

Anyway, I was just reading an article about the new contract to build public toilets in NYC and noticed this sentence, "Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg revived the idea of the public toilet in 2002, even making it one of his top three priorities, behind education and the budget." That's awesome. It's too bad that I like Mike Bloomberg, otherwise I would totally want to call him the Toilet Mayor.

Here is the kind of beautiful toilet/pagoda that we can expect...


Also, I think it's funny that the url for this article in the Times ends in "furniture.html" Are toilets really furniture? Maybe this weird fancy one - which by the way creeps me out a lot.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a really bad movie

Now, I've revealed how lusting after cuteness (Mark Ruffalo) can lead one to make good movie choices, but there is a dark side, and it begins here. Let us retrace the steps over many months which brought us to the point of seeing this really really bad movie.

1. I feel a little down. I decide that the best way to overcome the down feeling is to have a glass of wine and watch Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds playing Captain Wentworth. Oooh. Dashing.

2. Go to, look for all movies with Ciaran Hinds.

3. Find The Mayor of Casterbridge, remember how much Isaac likes thomas hardy, put on hold.

4. Wait for most of the summer. (there are some library-deliquent Thomas hardy fans out there)

5. In the meantime, see lots of other movies, including Vanity Fair, with James Purefoy (what a name! and he's cute too!)

6. Finally try to watch The Mayor of Casterbridge, which stars not only Ciaran Hinds of Persuasion, but also Juliet Aubry (dorothea from Middlemarch) Jodhi May (from Daniel Deronda), Polly Walker (Jane Fairfax from Emma) and James Purefoy (ooooh. From Vanity Fair). It's an English-novel-movie-adaptation actorfest. Only me and Isaac really care about this sort of thing.

7. Unfortunately, this movie falls into the category of "A Simple Plan" type of movies. So called because I couldn't watch A Simple Plan after the first "good guy does really awful stupid thing" incident occurs. I guess you could also call it a Greek Tragedy, but I never felt that sorry for Oedipus really. Ciaran Hinds on the other hand evokes some major sympathy. So I made Isaac watch it alone.

8. But saw the end anyway, Jay-sus that was SAD. And Isaac walked around for days going, "Though I loved ye late, I loved ye well." And that whole part about not being buried in consecrated ground, and not wanting to be remembered. It was horribly sad.

9. But through the tears, I could see that James Purefoy was quite cute, even still alive at the end of the movie.

10. Go to and look up James Purefoy.

11. How bad could this movie be?

12. It was bad.

13. Really really bad.

14. Not only bad in the sense that the script, special effects, acting (and I actually thought I liked heather graham before seeing this thing) and caricatured characters were BAD. But it was also incomprehensible.

15. Moral of the story: Only lust after adorable actors who make good career choices.

Monday, September 19, 2005

this just seemed unfair

Before our movie on Friday they played a Red Cross ad with scenes of devestation. The music in the background was Johnny Cash singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Does this strike anyone else as overly calculated to make one cry? Something about the combination of voice and the over dramatic song (sadly, I actually put this on mix tapes for more than one friend from the ages of 17-19, in the S&G version). It was about three notes into the Cash version before I was choking on sobs.

It's the feel good movie of the year!

Isaac and I had a fabulous Friday night date. We saw Just Like Heaven. I saw the ads for this movie and thought it looked kind of silly and cheesy. I even mentioned the somewhat silly premise to Isaac as a joke. This feeling persisted after watching the first preview. Then (I swear) they re-edited the preview and when I saw it again I made Isaac watch it and we both decided that would be our date movie. It was so CUTE. It was so cute that if you or your male partner has any sort of allergic reaction to cute sugary sweetness you might have to get out the EpiPen. Or leave him at home.

Luckily Isaac has no such problem. He is the best. My fidelity might be sorely tested though, if Mark Ruffalo came knocking on my door. Sorry honey. Mark Ruffalo = super-cute. Anyway, it was great that Isaac liked it as much as I did - so much in fact that he said if we had the DVD he would watch it again right away, and last night he even mentioned being tempted to go see it again in the theater.

Best things about the movie:

1. Mark Ruffalo in vulnerable adorable slacker mode. Yes.


2. Really nicely structured plot. It's a funny ghost story like All of Me, then it's an amnesiac mystery story. Mostly it's a romantic story infused with life or death weight.

3. At one point, every woman in the theater started sniffling and crying.

4. Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) does a great job in his supporting role.

5. So does the guy from that TV show with the really irish name who plays the friend/therapist. Really funny.

6. The scene where the skanky ho from downstairs is trying to seduce Mark Ruffalo and she is talking about current events. It's a montage to live among great montages. "Hello, Osama? Communism is so over. Give your people toilet paper."

7. Reese Witherspoon was ghosty for most of it, so we didn't have to see any physical chemistry, just lots of cuteness. She's so good at the cuteness.

8. Happy ending, happy ending, happy ending!

We hope it comes out on DVD in time for Christmas!

Friday, September 16, 2005

movie night

Last night Isaac and I examined our budget. This is actually sickly enjoyable for both of us. We are natural savers. Most of the time at least. Anyway, we saw that we are supposed to be able to put X dollars into our savings, and we have X + significant amount of money, and we could not figure out why this was. Were we underspending on anything?

Going out to eat? Overbudget by approx 50%.
Alcohol? (yes this is a category in our budget) Right on target.
We are way underbudget on haircuts and clothes and have bought fewer books and CDs than allowed (the library is so handy), but that was not going to make up for it.

So then it finally occured to Isaac that the reason we have more than X dollars in our savings account is because we didn't start out the year destitute. Oops. So instead of being ahead on our savings, we are actually a little behind. Oops. But I still went on a mini-spending spree on the internet and bought a desk (!), an mp3-cd player (!!) and an mp3 player (!!!) So excited. Isaac and I will be sharing the audio equipment. He is very excited about listening to all the Harry Potter books for the rest of his natural life.

Also, we watched a bunch of movie previews. The most favorable response from Isaac was, well, that looks like it would be fun to see....later (ie when I get it from the library). I take it back. The new Harry Potter trailer got him so excited that he was mumbling, Thanksgiving. I thought he was excited about visiting my parents, but he was just planning when he would be able to get away to see the movie. Maybe even planning his costume (he would be Snape, he's a huge Snape fan).

But I thought it would be fun to see something in the theater and so I was asking him, where is the guy who suggested that we go to see Practical Magic with Sonja in our first year of grad school? Where is the guy who saw Hope Floats by himself in the theater? (maybe he just really likes Sandra Bullock?) Anyway, we're totally going to see the new Mark Ruffalo/Reese Witherspoon movie tonight. :) Shut up, it might be good. A.O. Scott called it nimble.

I hope it cheers Isaac up because he is down over a stress fracture in his calf. :( He was running on Monday and had to stop because of a sharp pain, and the next day the doctor said he thinks it's a stress fracture. He had been carefully building up his mileage for 9 or 10 weeks, and this is a pretty awful setback. Just last weekend he ran 14 miles in Central Park (longest run ever for him) while I biked alongside him. I guess this weekend we might both be biking. :( Isn't it funny what cheers each of us up. Ice cream for me, running for him. I think that we can see who will end up fatter.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

toothpaste for dinner

I'm very impressionable, and I might just pick up knitting any minute now because I can't stop doing what Jen of the Big Lug tells me to do. I read Jennifer Weiner because she was reading her. And she mentioned this website, and now I have to obsessively look at it evrey day for the new drawing, and I've spent many combined hours going through all the archives. So cute.

Here are a few of my favorites by Drew...




Wednesday, September 14, 2005

bad mood + ice cream = happy!

We returned home from work tonight to a mountain of laundry. Ugh. So I put together dinner while Isaac put in the laundry downstairs. He had to change into his bathing suit for some reason before doing the laundry...I guess he was really out of everything. Thank goodness we have the machines in the basement of our building at least.

But while I was reheating our quiche (actually tasted much better after a few days in the fridge for some reason), I got all hot and annoyed and grumpy. It's so humid, etc, etc. By the time Isaac got back upstairs and practiced the piano for 20 minutes, I was super grumpy. He noticed. So after we put in the last of the laundry he suggested a walk to Emack & Bolio's.

YAY! I have been so happy ever since then. It really doesn't take much. So we walked to get ice cream and he wore the red bathing suit and black clogs with white socks and we had such a lovely time. The end. Good night!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

books and a dvd recommended

Boringest title I could think of... So! I have read a few good books in the past couple of weeks. It was fun actually reading paper books for a change instead of doing the usual book on tape thing.

The first book is The Underminer: The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life, by Mike Albo with Virginia Heffernan.


This book is written as a one-sided conversation, only showing you the words of "the underminer", TBFWCDYL. It's the voice of the toxic friend, the one who remembers every stupid thing you ever did and brings those things up constantly. The one who manages to voice and reinforce your worst fears about yourself while pretending to love and support you.

It's hilarious. You will recognize this jerk from the first page. There are some excerpts I found from the other online reviews of the book.

"Whew, what a day. First I did the Ellipticycle for an hour and then I had to run to the Dean's small cocktail party for Honors students and then I had to hurry up and turn in that Green Form so I could graduate. You know, the Green Form. The Green Form? You didn't turn it IN?!"

"I just saw your ex-boyfriend and he looks amazing...You're eating bread pudding? How brave. It's like the embodiment of carbs."

I ordered this book from the library after reading about it on Lindsayism, which I guess makes it yet another blogger-approved reading choice. Lindsay also points out a good example of the perfect Underminer song - The Wind Beneath My Wings. I remember thinking as a kid how those lyrics were kind of nasty backhanded compliments.

My only criticism is of the author's picture on the back. Can we clean it up a little Mike?


The next book I read was not only blogger-approved, it was actually written by a blogger. Weird, isn't it? The book is I'm Not the New Me, by Wendy McClure aka Poundy. You remember Wendy/Poundy of the Penguin movie review and the disgusting 1974 Weight Watchers Recipe Cards.


Her book is again, very very funny. I dog-eared some funny passages from the book...

"I'm in Vegas because of a website. I got here through the Internet. It's a little hard to explain that to other people. You start out telling someone, "Okay so there's this website" and that you know a few people through it, and as you're talking he or she will tilt his/her head like a dog who's heard something you can't hear, and apparently, that something is your own voice saying, La, la, la, I have a magical pretend life."

"I am becoming increasingly aware of the way hidden calories, like radiation, can taint the most innocuous thing. Lately my Weight Watchers meetings have been full of all kinds of urban diet legends such as The Lady Who Used Too Much Butter flavor Cooking Spray (Zero points per serving, the label said! She didn't know a whole can has fifty points! Dear God she didn't know!) and The Low_Fat Ice Cream Novelty Whose Manufacturer Change The Recipe (It's not so low-fat anymore! How could we have been so blind?!) In each instance the moral is pretty much the same: some things are too good to be true, and we trust too much, and Soylent Green is people.

At my last meeting the topic was Fast Food Salad Dressings, which reportedly harbor secret fat calories the way doorknobs carry fecal matter. I noticed one woman had her hands clamped to the side of her head, just like in Edvard Munch's The Scream."

It's hard to take any pride in being Too Good for Stuart, since all it really means is that I deserve better than a guy who wears a cell phone clipped to his belt and yells "Get a job!" at panhandlers. But to be so good that I became thinner just by not being with him is something else entirely. If I repel high-functioning alcoholics and unwanted pounds with the power of my goodness, I suppose I ought to let the world know. I'll get a nice dress and wear it as proof.

Then Big Lug Jen reminded me weeks ago of the existence of Jennifer Weiner, whose Good in Bed I liked a lot. Fun summer read etc. So I read In Her Shoes, which has been made into a "major motion picture" with Cameron Diaz and Muriel from Muriel's Wedding. It was quite fun, if fluffy.


I would see the movie. Talking Isaac into it might be tricky. And now I'm ready to read the next Weiner book Little Earthquakes.

Um, that review seems a little shorter than the others, but that's only because I'm not going to put in an excerpt. So I think that's it for my book reading lately.

But wait-- did I already talk about how I finally saw The Office Special? I haven't seen any episodes of the American version yet (and maybe I never will, I mean, what could top the UK version?) Anyway, I loved it, and I watched every damn special feature on the disk until Isaac reached Office Overload. All those interviews. David Brent's music video, and the recording of Free Love Freeway. OMG. Them going to the Golden Globes. It was just all too too cute. By the way, Pride and Prejudice fans, did you know that Dawn is being played by Lucy Davis, who is also Maria Lucas in P&P?! I'm not lying. I know it's not really that exciting, but to us it was. We kept thinking she looked so familiar.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Au Revoir Nicolas....

So last night we had a Tackett Taco Fiesta before Nick left for another three months out of the country. Tiffany made guacamole (yum) and we had chips and cheese and more cheese and bread, and it was delicious. And then we tried to make people eat tacos! And that was fun. And then we tried to get them to eat quiche, which turned out kind of watery this time, and I'm not happy about that at all. But it was good company, and we got to meet Cordy's new friend Han. We are assuming that he is her boyfriend, because he was mentioned as one of the things Cordy did this summer. Well not exactly. That sounds kind of dirty. But she did tell Nick in her list of things that she did this summer that she "met Han". That sounds important and boyfriend-like.

Tiffany requested the use of my camera early in the evening, because she figured that if she had the camera I could not take pictures of her and cut her head off and post the pictures on my blog. She succeeded in taking at least two pictures of me looking really ridiculous, and so I think it all worked out. She even got me back for the maniac wielding a butter knife shot that I took in Central Park. We both look like very friendly maniacs though, don't we?

Tiffany is a much better party photographer than I am, as you will see from the following pictures:



This is posted with Tiffany's permission, and here she is with my goofball husband. But she wants everyone on the blog to know that she is dubious about her new hairstyle and even thinks it somewhat mullet-like. I think that it is cute and stylish myself. Although the verbal abuse given to her by the mean Japanese hairdresser is not worth the style.


Way too much food as usual. This is after everyone was done eating. Everyone still had room for Bonnie Butter Cake though.


Cordy was going for a Nicole Richie/Paris Hilton look here. You can see what Tiffany brings out in people.


And again, with Andres, eliciting the macho man pose. I think Tiffany has a real future in fashion photography, if that musicology thing doesn't work out.


Here's me and Paulina. I wonder why the flash is doing such weird things to Paulina's shirt. Sorry Paulina!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

nick in town!

We are so excited because finally Nick has come back for a (too short) visit to NYC. After spending a whole 12 months in China he is passing through the U.S.A. on his way to France. His wife Gina will be meeting him there. It's much easier to get a visa to France based on the "spouse of a Swiss citizen" status, than it is to get a US visa on the "spouse of an American citizen" basis. Between China and the US, things are very inefficient with that whole process.

Anyway, we had a nice time last night going to a new-to-us Persian restaurant Ravagh. I got panicked after tasting Isaac's dish (which was an amazing pomegranate juice, crushed walnut khoresh) that I was having an allergic reaction to the concentrated walnut, so I took a Benadryl and fell into a coma shortly after getting home. The food was really good though. I liked Isaac's thing especially. Too bad I live in fear of the concentrated nut essences. I felt bad that we didn't take the waitress up on her suggestion of babaganoush (isaac hates eggplant) or hummus (makes my lips itch).

Tonight, we are going in search of barbeque, which is something they almost certainly don't have good restaurants for in Paris. Nick reminded us though that he and Gina will be on a super tight budget over there, and not eating out ever. :( So, maybe we should be taking him to a French restaurant, so he isn't tempted to go off the budget. Makes perfect sense.

I've been working on more book reviews, and it is taking me freaking forever to get that post done. Just so that I can review books that no one is going to read. Not sure what the point is, so maybe I'll shelve that one for a while.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Remember back when I listed those 10 songs that I was enjoying? And I said that I really liked the song they played during the credits of Junebug? I thought it was Yo La Tengo, because I saw their name as having done the music, but it turns out I was wrong. Super wrong. I don't know Yo La Tengo from a hole in the ground because I'm out of it.

It turns out the song is actually "Harmour Love" sung by Syreeta, written by her once-husband Stevie Wonder, with Stevie singing backup. I don't know what Harmour Love is, but I had to buy the CD and have now listened to that song on repeat 57 times. I'm just getting warmed up. It's so good.

Anyway, thanks so much to those people over at the imdb message board because I would have been looking for some damn Yo La Tengo song for years.

Remember back when Stevie Wonder was on the Cosby Show? Katie D. I know you remember...

what an attractive suicidal prison inmate looks like...

I know that this is probably a serious topic for the people who run prisons. But meanwhile, I'm just thinking, I wonder if I could be a model for suicidal inmate garments. I love these two people: his beard and her big rat's nest hair especially.


The website where they are selling this "garment" is pretty creepy actually. I never thought about all the naked suicidal inmates getting hypothermia out there. God, prison must really suck.

via Boing Boing.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

guilty much?

I have been a little slow in responding to the gulf coast disaster resulting from Katrina. Good thing I'm not in government or anything. We haven't been watching any of the TV coverage, just reading the online news. I tried to listen to NPR the other day, and caught some kind of horrible "discussion" with Katrina Vanden Heuvel (totally had to look up how to spell that one) and some guy from the Heritage Foundation. It was awful. Both of them came off looking like complete jerks, taking advantage of the disaster in ways that are predictably and sickeningly partisan. Maybe there is a time for blame to be distributed and shouldered, but it is the time for attack when people hadn't even been evacuated yet?

Anyway, that was distressing. We did the only thing we thought we could do, reorganized our stupid budget and gave some money, counted our blessings and felt so lucky as to almost make oneself horribly angry. Why does feeling lucky make me angry? That's a new one. I think that might even be a sign that it's time to go back to church this week.

Friday, September 02, 2005

A very Napoleon moment

First of all, the fact that I get at least 50% of my blog material from my 7 minute walk home from work makes me wonder whether I should get out more.

Anyway, on my way home last night, I was walking behind a very attractive girl who was happily eating an ice cream. We approach the front entrance of the hospital and two of the security guards are hanging out in front. One of them calls out to the girl - is that Baskin Robbins? She's like, no, it's Haagen Dazs. He says, what is that, is that low fat? Then he realizes what he's said, and he's like, oh, not that you need it, i'm just asking for myself. I think that the conversation with the cute girl probably went a lot better in his head.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

the time for disclosure has come

Guess what? I decided that it's time to send an email to my sisters telling them about my blog. I hope that they like it since their pictures are already plastered all over.

This weekend we are meeting my parents down at my grandparents' house in Jersey. Should be fun! My mom and grandma were going to take me shopping - the hating shopping thing is anything but genetic, and I have never seen anyone shop like my grandma. She has the stamina of a thousand women when it comes to shoe shopping. But since my trip last weekend was relatively successful, I think that we can all just relax.

I told my mom the story about Isaac not asking about my clothes and she laughed at both of us. But she was interested enough to more than make up for Isaac. And then I showed him all my clothes this morning and of course he really liked the things. Especially the red sweater and the retro design on the back pocket of the jeans I bought. He's kind of predictable. Actually I kind of remember him asking last Saturday whether I had bought any skirts, and once he found out I hadn't, he was uninterested. But interested enough to ask about skirts. I guess he really did care, and I was so mean, on the internet and everything. Sorry Isaac!

So, off to write my siblings - maybe they will be here soon!