Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I should just tell him what I want him to say, i know.

I think I am going to have to admit defeat very soon in a minor marital struggle. Isaac doesn't even know that there IS a struggle of wills going on in our apartment, but there is, I tell you. Last Saturday, I was sent out into the wilds of NYC retail alone to find some new clothes, while Isaac stayed home (and did laundry - thanks dear!) So, I steeled myself and looked at and even tried on some truly heartwrenching clothing. If there is not enough material to cover your ass (I swear they were in my size), are they still called pants? Then there was a lady in the dressing room next to me, who kept calling Guillermo to come into the dressing room area to examine her falda in various sizes. Lady. This is not a place for men. The slats on my dressing room door are way too wide for Guillermo to barge in here repeatedly.

Anyway, it was traumatic. But I found some things to buy. Yes I did. Then I hiked a mile up to the subway to meet Isaac and go to Queens for delicious thoughts-of-death-inducing Thai food. So, when we finally got home, I waited for Isaac to ask me about what I had bought. I might have mentioned that I got a couple of pairs of pants, but that could not be sufficient detail for my husband, surely! So I decided that I would wait until he asked to see what I bought. And so I waited and waited and waited. He's totally uninterested. I spent money and everything - you don't even want to know how MUCH? I know that this is stupid, but doesn't he want to share in my minor triumph over the horrors of the dressing room? I'm sure he would really like that sweater I got if he just looked at it. So, I guess I'm going to have to break down and take the shopping bag and put the stuff away. And maybe even start wearing stuff.

You've won this round Isaac, but next time! Next time!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy birthdays!

So whenever it is a blog friend's birthday, or a blog friends' husbands birthday, it turns out I already knew somebody with that birthday, strangely.

Happy birthday Katie! I think of you as a super grown-up blog friend. You already have a house! A career! (as something that other people pretend to be to impress other people) And now you are moving on to the second career! With cleavage! Well, probably not on the job as a teacher. Still, super grown-up. And yet, you are younger than me and the other blog friends? How did this work out? What are they putting in the water out there in Kansas? :)

Happy Birthday Greg! I only know you from the 15 things about Greg list, and various other sharings of your wife, but you seem like a great guy and make her very happy! And I will still be answering any future internet questionaires that I know a postman, because I've always wanted to.

Finally, happy birthday Saskia! Saskia is my best friend from HS, and even though we don't keep in touch as well as we used to, she was still with me at the HS reunion, getting propositioned (just like the old days right Sas?) I remember when we went away to college, and she was so nervous about the whole thing that she basically couldn't eat for days and days. We got together for the last time before she went away, and after we hugged goodbye, she was running up the stairs to puke. :( That was the day before her birthday that year. Poor thing. Well, now that I've told a puking story, what more is there to say? Cheers friends!

walk home from work

I neglected my blog all day, trying to get some supposed "real" work done in time for our meeting at work tonight. Now I have to write something before Isaac is done practicing his viola, or I will be neglecting him instead...

So, tonight on my walk home from work, I noticed an attractive young guy, probably a med student or something. And he was wearing the manpris. The kind which have a drawstring at the bottom. I would say these bring us to the 4th ring of manpri hell. I then had the following conversation in my head with him, having my camera with me at all times. "Do you mind if I take your picture?" "Why?" "So that I can put it on the internet and mock you?" "What?" "It will be gentle mocking...and by the way, what's a nice-looking guy like you doing wearing those pants?" Oh well.

That was at street corner #1. At street corner #2, three young women were walking towards me. One had a shirt that said: J'(picture of Eiffel Tower) Paris. The second had a shirt with Je T'aime written directly across her boobs. I didn't have a chance to notice the possible French theme of the third girl's outfit, though she did wear a sulky expression. I wonder what kind of Debbie does Paris themed party they were going to? And what does the eiffel tower stand for in the first shirt - I don't really get it.

Anyway, that kept me thinking all the way home.

Total subject change:

We had a great weekend! We went out to eat at Sripraphai, which apparently is pronounced see-pra-pie. That's what it said on the menu at least. I chimed in with Tiffany on the food blog that it is an amazing restaurant, and the food was so heavenly. Please, serve that at my funeral. Not to be morbid or anything. I was also thinking, if I'd been hit by a bus on Saturday night, it would have been a great last meal... Or, wow, I'd really be horribly sad the day that I forget to swallow, not to be able to eat any of that food anymore. Mor-bid! Still, put it on your list of things to do before you die. All of you!

Dimitri drove us from his place in Queens, to the restaurant in this other part of Queens. Queens is big. And people have cars there. And they can park easily. It's amazing. Then we drove back to his place, and had cream puffs and raspberry wine. Life is good.

Then we had to work yesterday, and I had too cook last night, but I got to make a cake too so yay!

OK, I've been neglecting Isaac for 15 minutes already. Good night!

Only read this post if you've already seen Closer

Hey, remember in that movie Closer (by the way, possible SPOILERS ahead, so DON'T READ this if you want to see this movie, and maybe you are holding out hope that it ends in some really beautiful happy way - oops, did I spoil it already?)

Well, uh, remember in the movie Closer, when Jude Law and Natalie Portman are in that hotel at the airport, and he says something to her, and that something makes it so that she doesn't love him anymore, and now he can never have her back? What the heck did he say? I can't remember.

Friday, August 26, 2005

that seven things thing

It's time for another list to be passed around. Sadly, I had a very hard time coming up with anything that I can do. I wish someone would have told me I'm just taking up space on this earth.

Happy Friday!

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Go back to Paris
2. Learn Italian (if only because the classes are supposed to improve one's life so much).
3. Have a child or three.
4. Read a lot more books.
5. Buy a pair of boots.
6. Get my eyebrows fixed by a professional
7. Take some self-improving classes.

Seven things you can't do:
1. Whistle
2. Give up red meat
3. Waterski
4. Kill a bug larger than a fly.
5. Play any musical instrument.
6. Remember my own sisters' cell phone numbers.
7. Apply makeup properly.

Seven things you can do:
1. Ride a bike
2. Deadlifts
3. Wake up 1-3 minutes before the alarm goes off.
4. Read pretty fast.
5. Tell you the old phone numbers of 3 childhood friends.
6. Be grateful for what I have.
7. Believe it's Friday (see #6)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1. Someone who listens but doesn't try too hard
2. Nice shoulders
3. Makes me laugh
4. Laughs at self
5. Considerate even to strangers
6. Doesn't whine when I force him to make phone calls for me.
7. Nice, tan ankles/feet. (i don't know what's wrong with me either)

Seven things you say most:
1. Anyway,
2. Are you ready to go down to the Happy Hour?
3. Are you listening to me?
4. You know what I'm craving?
5. Are you ready to go home yet?
6. Isaac, you are not asleep. Stop faking it. Stop it right now!
7. It's your turn on the NMR...(big machine we all share at work)

seven celebrity crushes:
1. Owen Wilson
2. Mark Ruffalo
3. Christian Bale
4. Jake Gyllenhaal
5. Johnny Depp
6. That guy from Lord of the Rings. Not the elf.
7. Amy Adams

Seven people you want to take this quiz:
1. Li-Ling
2. I-Chin
3. Rockenheimer did someone ask to be tagged?
4. Derek when he gets back from the bachelor party
5. Tara
6. OK the rest of you who haven't been tagged yet.

apparently i have nothing to blog about besides what i read in the NYT online

apparently i have nothing to blog about besides what i read in the NYT online

But this is kind of inspired by Hotbabe's niece's first day of school outfit, which included fashion boots. I didn't actually know what fashion boots are, and then what do you know, the helpful NYT has an article on boots, with a slideshow and everything.

Sadly, I thought many of these fashionable boots very ugly.

I don't know, maybe especially these:


And maybe THESE?


The ones Isaac (yes he likes to look at slideshows of boots) and I liked best were these for only $1265 or so. I just reread the description and realized that they are only crocodile-STAMPED. I don't know why I thought they were real crocodile. I don't even know if that's legal. I just thought...well, I guess they are $1265 for some other reason.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

reason 1,427 why I love living in NYC

I ordered 17 bottles of wine at 10:00am. They were delivered at 2:50pm. Yes.

it's the return of the leeches...

I read an article in the New Yorker a couple of months ago, about how leeches are making a comeback in medicine. Apparently they are really useful for stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, when you need to get your hand reattached or whatnot. They also mentioned in passing that maggots are really great for eating gangrenous, rotting flesh. Apparently maggots only go for the dead flesh, and leave the rest behind.

Now the New York Times is all over the leech/maggot angle.

More even than Terry Schivo, I think the leech/maggot comeback is making me want to write up my living will/medical directive. Until then, Isaac, if it ever comes down to it, and they have to leech or maggot me, please make sure that I am really really really comatose first.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

they didn't include librarian, too similar to teaching?

Hey Career Girls,

Thought you might be interested in this fun board game. Girls can do ANYTHING! As long as it involves modeling, nursing or teaching. Don't look at the bottom of the page to see what the boys' version includes, unless you want to be annoyed. My favorite part is the skills section. Can you Apply Makeup? This skill fits four out of the six careers offered! Even Hair Styling only works toward your advantage in 3/6. Things like Proper English on the other hand are good for only 2/6 careers. So, I think we know where all your efforts should be placed, ladies. I personally would be screwed. This game is only from 1966. I really thought it would have been earlier. Can you imagine?

via BoingBoing

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the professor also taught the human sexuality class

On Janie's roof, she told a story about recently speaking with a professor from college. He was giving a talk sponsored by the NYC branch of the university alumni association. She talked to him afterwards and he remembered her, to her eternal shame. Why? Because she had handed in all of her papers for the class horribly late, and she was sure that was the only possible reason he could have remembered her. The name of the class? Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Guilt.

This made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

penguins and coincidences

I haven't updated my blog links in ages, but I've been reading the blog of a woman from my "fitness forum" for a while. Strangely enough, the same weekend that we went on that camping/rafting trip with my family, Kim was whitewater rafting on the very same river, the very same stretch of river. How weird is that?

Her latest post was about the penguin movie (everybody loves the penguin movie) and she included a link to another penguin movie blog post which got the "Isaac, you have to read this right now" treatment. It was so funny. Hope you like it too.

Potter madness continues, Rooftop Reveling,

Over the weekend we rented and rewatched the first Harry Potter movie. Isaac is still waiting for the book to come from the library and his HP mania has not subsided much.

For example,

1. He told me he would answer the door for and tip the grocery deliveryman, but only if I let him use the computer to look at Mugglenet for a while.

2. At the grocery store (we forgot to order milk), he thoroughly examined at the Harry Potter lunchboxes.

3. I came home and found him watching the movie for a second time last night.

4. He was so excited when Mai told him that she had seen none of the movies and none of the books and declared her a virgin with much to look forward to.

So while watching the movie, we also made some guacamole, as requested by Janie for her going away party. She's moving to DC for school. So we went to her apartment and ate guacamole and Indian takeout (these things go together better than expected). I saw one of Janie's friends that I met at her birthday party at the Wild Lily Tea Room and met his beautiful girlfriend. They were Indian, and within 10 minutes I had skillfully manipulated the conversation around to Bollywood movies. Yes. This conversation steering is only possible with lots of food and drink. I did get one good movie suggestion out of it. She says that Mangal Pandey is really good. I have to wonder though, after looking at the website, why are they putting these bizarre moustaches on Bollywood stars lately. They've hit two major Khans so far - Aamir and Shahrukh.



I didn't get to discuss the facial hair madness with Matt and his girlfriend, because next we went to the ROOF of Janie's building, and happily lounged on umm, lounge chairs, like we were at the pool, except we got to wear our regular clothes. Janie told us that we couldn't have any alcohol on the roof because management feared that we would throw bottles from the roof in our drunken craziness. So Isaac just brought his mango lassi.


And I looked at the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building, and that Pepsi-Cola sign across the river.




And looked at these lovely people - Janie and Dimitri.


I got to talk to Dimitri and catch up on what he's been doing all summer, and tell him about our white water rafting (which impressed him far more than it should have), while Isaac got stuck talking to this guy Mike (who I think wants to be a politcian someday) about politics, and who's going to win the 2006 governor's races etc etc. And about Hillary 2008. Etc. Etc. Hmm. I was happy to tune it out and not think about that stuff. By the way, this guy was from Minneapolis! But he's trying to decide whether to run for office in California or New York. ???

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our food-filled weekend didn't turn out exactly as planned, but I think on balance, just as much food was eaten. After a couple of beers at the happy hour, carefully chosen Persian restaurant was ditched in favor of dunkin doughnuts and bad Chinese takeout. For me the takeout was so bad as to be good, yummy sweet chicken nuggety morsels. Isaac just found his to be bad. But he still ate it up so how bad could it have been.

Dim Sum on Saturday was a lot of fun - lots of dumplings were eaten, and Mai told me that she found my blog! Hi Mai! She couldn't believe that I wrote a review of the book with the gay monk, no wait, the book where the heroine in love with a mute monk marries a gay man who's in love with her brother, on the same blog that I wished my mother a happy birthday on. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Anyway, I assured Mai that my mother doesn't actually read this blog, despite the fact that my happy birthday was apparently in the second person. In fact, I don't think any of my family members know that this blog exists. So all of those happy birthdays were meaningless and for my benefit only. Except for Brian's, since he actually read it, even if he refuses (refuses!) to comment. (PS he hasn't actually refused explicitly, but have you ever seen a comment from Brian? I didn't think so)

If you are a family member reading this blog, make yourself known! My mom hasn't really got the whole internet thing down yet - she only checks her email a couple of times a week. But even if my mother were reading, I don't think I've said anything I'm SO very ashamed of. The plot of that monk book wasn't MY FAULT, I was just the unsuspecting reader! The NYTimes told me it was good. And my mother is actually indirectly responsible for me reading that even more disturbing incestuous book because she was the one who recommended Maeve Binchy, and while I was waiting for Maeve Binchy to come through at the library I checked out the "literary Maeve Binchy" (aka Regina McBride) who turned out to be very very dirty-minded even if she was Irish.

So I tried to express my rule of thumb for what I wouldn't post.

-I wouldn't like to post something that would make family and friends who know me and Isaac feel uncomfortable, like they have gotten TMI.

-I wouldn't like to post anything that hurts the feelings of any possible family member or friend reading.

-I also try not to post anything sensitive about people I work with...

Have I missed anything? I think that defines the off limits pretty well for me. Oh, and I won't be posting my phone number anytime soon.

So, Tiffany was at dim sum too, and found out about the blog there, and about the fact that I've been calling her cute. She promptly told me to mention on that blog that she is single and available. Hi Tiffany! I don't think there are too many single males in the area reading my blog, but just in case... :) I won't be posting Tiffany's phone number anytime soon either though. I think she's almost forgiven me for the picture of her wrap top with her head cut off, and I'm not going to push my luck.

So that was all I can remember of dim sum. The food was a blur, and blog recognition feels better than I thought it would. We did get our favorite things. The sticky rice with chicken wrapped in a lotus (?) leaf. The shrimp pustules as Isaac lovingly calls them. The bbq pork buns with fluffy white dough. Some turnip/daikon yummy thing with brown sauce. Tiffany always orders for us, so I have no idea at all what anything is called.

I'll have to save the evening's eating for another post because I should really get some work done before Isaac and I go home to cook. You didn't really think I was going to cook this morning by myself while he was running, did you? Instead I spent the time very productively by uploading my pictures from yesterday to flickr and reading the weddings column in the NYT (why am I so addicted to this?)

quite possibly the stupidest thing I've been jealous about

since my sister got her hand stuck in the gumball vending machine at the Safeway and firemen had to come and rescue her and the tiniest part of me was jealous (apparently i had a uniform fetish at 7 that overcame my extreme embarrassment at the slightest attention)

Anyway, that same part of me is jealous that everyone else's blogs are getting spammed all over the place. Why not my blog? I'm off the radar of spammers? I guess you have to cross some magic threshhold of readability that I've not yet hit? I deserve to be spammed too! Well, maybe it's not the same part of me, unless the spammers are wearing uniforms. Can you imagine, a brigade of spamming firemen with very diverse interests? They could be out there, doing it right from the firehouse!

Friday, August 19, 2005

weekend plans

Well, I'm really excited about this weekend - mostly because it will involve a lot of food and eating.

The festivities begin tonight:

6pm SHARP - free beer and goldfish crackers. And if we are lucky, they'll pull out the awesome cajun mix crackers (I really have been craving them all day long)

8pm carefully chosen Persian restaurant in Murray Hill - I'm thinking barberry rice and some khoresh but only if I manage to resist the kebab temptation.


9-11am Grocery Delivery! So that we can have some milk that's not backup Parmalat milk and replace the butter that I've been going through like mad on the Bonnie Butter Cakes...uh oh.

12:30pm Dim Sum in Chinatown with Tiffany and Mai.

2pm Fruit shopping in Chinatown where prices are super cheap (for nyc)

7pm Party at Janie's apartment - her last week in NYC. :( We will bring guacamole as requested and drink drinks and eat eats on her roof. And it's a really tall building over by the UN. Yay!

Ummm Sunday. I can't think of anything food-related to be excited about because we will be working on that day, and Isaac is going to have to run 12 miles....oh I know, during his long run I will be cooking. Tandoori Chicken is on the menu this week, and my favorite recipe (besides thai curry) that Isaac won't let me make because he's afraid I'm going to get sick of it. We adapt it for chicken breasts and do little roll-ups with twine.

Although food is the centerpiece of all of these activities, at least most of them are social. The happy hour tonight for chemistry unity (and model gawking - he's wearing shorts today), date night (with Isaac, not the model), dim sum with two of the tiny and cute Asian ladies (I guess that Tiffany is technically taller than me, so I'm pushing it to call her tiny, but she does weigh less and is cuter - have you seen those dimples?) and then goodbye with Janie. So at least we have the sense to look at other nice people even if we are stuffing our faces too much to converse with them...

you are all social geniuses and much better suited for these neighbors

You all have such great ideas. I'm thinking that the blog tip-off would require some editing here, since I don't want them to know how much time I've been spending peeking at them out the window. But it would have the benefit of showing them that I have some friends, even if they are blog friends who I have never met.

I LOVE Colleen's Quidditch idea! That is hilarious. Where's my Comet 2600? (I would never shell out for a Firebolt - too frugal)

Unfortunately, I think we might have missed the "hey we saw you in the hallway moving in" window, since that was two weeks ago, and now we are in the creepy "we've been watching you (A LOT) across the courtyard" window.

I think the only hope is to hope they come to the Happy Hour tonight at work.

You guys, I saw the blonde last night doing an EXERCISE VIDEO. She had the lights off but I could still see her doing squats in the blue glow of the TV. I didn't stare I promise. Anyway, it's clear that she could be my BFF, and we could loan each other videos, etc. But I don't think it will happen, unless we pay the exorbitant dog rental fees. Have you guys seen Li-Ling's dog Taka? He is a sweetheart.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

downstairs neighbors across the courtyard, urgent update!!!

So, after we said goodbye to the previous downstairs neighbors across the courtyard, it wasn't even a week before the new neighbors moved in. At first, Isaac and I were a little wary... I mean, could these people replace the connection that we felt with the previous tenants?

Well, what do you know, a cute blonde and her crew cut sporting husband moved in. They have a dog (German Shepherd or GS mix) and a sweet little kitty. Next thing you know, they are watching HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban on their TV last night. We were completely seduced...our hearts were theirs. Now, tonight, as I write, the new downstairs neighbors across the courtyard are having a party, with lots of wine (not Mormons! not that there's anything wrong with that...) and FON-freaking-DUE!

Isaac and I have a major neighborly crush on these people now. How can we make them our best friends? I'm thinking that a basket of raisin bran muffins is not going to do it.

Any ideas?


I think it's really funny that the lasting pain from my weekend of white water rafting and (admittedly not very strenuous) hiking is a horrible horrible horrible pain wrapping around my calf muscle from the strain of keeping my foot on the gas and brake pedals for 12 hours of driving.

trying something

I think these links will expire shortly, but I thought I would attempt to share some of the songs that I put on my list since people expressed that they had not heard them...and I put a bonus David Byrne song which probably should have beat the other one out. By the way, the other guy singing on Au Fond is Rufus Wainwright.

Cripple and the Starfish - Antony and the Johnsons

King of Carrot Flowers


Au Fond Du Temple Saint

How Can I Keep From Singing

Glass & Concrete & Stone
- Bonus David Byrne

100,000 Fireflies - Magnetic Fields

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

tagged and stuff

Hotbabe tagged me for this fun listing game.

10 songs. Eek. Since my mp3 player broke and the HP tapes arrived I haven't listened to any music for weeks. I know. It's bad. I'll have to get into my time machine and see what I was listening to then. BTW, email me if you would like to hear any of these fine tunes.

1. The King of Carrot Flowers - Neutral Milk Hotel I read on some unknown person's blog that this was a song they could not live without. So I downloaded it from Itunes and listened to it 271 times in a row. It's only two minutes long so it didn't take very long.

2. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani Whatever Angela Kim thinks, this song is A-OK with Isaac (and me.)

3. Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid) - Sufjan Stevens I think I first heard this on NPR and when the library gets back to me, I will be able to hear more Sufjan in a legal fashion. At least until I rip his CD to my Itunes forever and ever.

4. Au Fond Du Temple Saint - David Byrne I know this version would probably have any true fan of vocal music grinding their teeth and spitting them out, but I can't help liking it because of it's imperfections and hesitations and wobbliness.

5. 100,000 Fireflies - The Magnetic Fields This song makes me sing along not only with the words but also with the instrumental part. Do, do-do-do-do-do, do do do DO!

6. I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats I downloaded this around the time of the Live Aid II or whatever it was called.

7. How Can I Keep from Singing - The Armstrong Family There is a part of me that will always be a church nerd. We walked past the Philadelphia Convention Center yesterday and I remembered all of a sudden the last time I was there, for the National Catholic Youth Conference in like 1990.
And speaking of church nerd...

8. For Those Whose Work is Invisible - Suzzy and Maggie Roche I already talked about this song.

9. Cripple and the Starfish - Antony and the Johnsons The song from my birthday CD that I can't stop listening to more than the other songs from the CD I can't stop listening to. It's hauntingly beautiful and dangerous.

10. The Yo La Tengo song I heard in Junebug I have no idea what the name of the song is, but it was really good. Something about love.

Camping Rafting Itchy-Butt Spidery Fun!

Well, we had a great time on our "camping" trip with the family. Actually, I am perfectly sure that it was a real camping trip because despite the fact that our "tent" was not a real tent and instead was on a platform 3 feet above the ground and had an overhead light and outlet suitable for plugging in a hot pot, the "tent" definitely did contain some majorly disgusting creatures of the insect and arachnid variety. There was a huge millipede on the roof of the tent, right over our sleeping bag. Unfortunately, Isaac did not obey my order to kill it immediately, and when he went back to the tent after 30 minutes of marshmallowy fun at the campfire, the millipede was lost and gone, leaving me to imagine it crawling all over me all night. Later that night we also had the fun of a HUGE spider right over Beth and Glenn's sleeping area. Like the kind of spider that has a really really big body, like a tarantula. Like a spider that a bird could make a Thanksgiving dinner with to feed the neighborhood of birds... I made Isaac kill that one right away.

There weren't too many mosquitos, even if there were a lot of other bugs, so that was nice. Isaac did have to smack me in the forehead once to kill one, but it had already bit me and blood squished all over. Ewww. Now I've got an itchy spot right at my hairline and I'm dying to scratch it so much. I'm such a baby.

So, in great depth, because I know that you are all on the edge of your seats...I'll go back to Thursday. Well, this is only relevant because as I already mentioned, this was the day that our departing secretary gave me her new Harry Potter book. By the way, I didn't mention that besides the rekhi massage practice, the secretary will be getting back involved in her the-a-tah and writing the-a-tah and even doing some...stand-up. I can't tell you how uncomfortable this makes me. I have had a frozen expression of supportive delight on my face for days. You know I'm not a convincing actress when it comes to the facial expressions, and I'm really afraid that my horror has been showing through. However, she still gave me the book, so maybe I should quit my day job to and get ready to accept my Oscar.

Anyway, that was the best part of Thursday, that I got the book. Then on Friday, Isaac and I packed our stuff, forgetting a couple of key items, like something to sleep in for me, and towels for both of us. But we didn't know that, as we got on the subway and went to Chinatown. In Chinatown, we went to the grocery store and bought two big boxes of noodle bowls. Yum. Nong Shin is the very best maker of ramen noodles. Well, at least in our price range. So we got some Kim Chee Noodle bowls and some other beef thingy, and went to catch our bus to the Chinatown in Philadelphia. Now, at this point, you might ask, but why Philadelphia, given that the site of camping is over in Ohiopyle, PA. Or you might not care. But I'll tell you anyway. Because although it costs $90/day to rent a car in NYC, it costs only $20/day in Philadelphia. And bus tickets to PA are $20 roundtrip. So when you do the math $170 = willingness to put up with some crazy shit.

We walked down to this smelly place under the Manhattan Bridge where some very tiny (and very loud) Chinese ladies tried to get us to board their buses to Philadelphia. We had already bought tickets, so we had to find our one tiny Chinese lady in particular. We found her, embraced her, and got on her bus. Here was the view out the foggy window, where a Vietnamese bakery seemed to sell only soda, hot dogs and popcorn and Jamica patties. Excuse me, Jamaican patties... Not taking this for the bad omen that I should have, I instead got ravenously hungry for a Jamica patty and made Isaac go and buy me one. The guy took out a patty and put it in his toaster oven, but it was really not very hot. :( I guess he really makes his money by selling water and popcorn to the people getting on the buses.


Um, so then we were off, to Philadelphia, and took turns reading chapters of Harry Potter and got stuck in horrible traffic and got really hot walking a mile to the rental car place and then we got in our rental car and sat in more horrible traffic and then stopped at a turnpike rest stop where we proceeded to spend $20 on a hot dog, coffee and water. Yeah, I'm not really sure how that happened. I also saw something that made me very worried for the future of our beloved nation. Hot. Dog. Nuggets. Now people. It's already a hot dog for the love of God. Does it need to be put in nugget form? I guess I'm not State Fair ready yet. This was also my first encounter of many with a young customer service woman who seemed to have a Polish accent. I guess the Deer Hunter wasn't kidding and there's a big Polish community out in western PA? Why there? Anyway...Isaac read me Harry Potter most of the time so that was not so bad at all.

Then we got to the neighborhood of Ohiopyle, and our cell phone got no reception. My parents had been expecting us like 3 hours earlier, and we were totally lost and didn't know whether to go north or south on this stupid road which wove crazily and went up and down all these hills and somehow had a speed limit of 55, and I was sure as hell not going that fast on that road. This caused approximately 347 red pickup trucks filled with drunken western PA youths to sit on my bumper and blind me with their highbeams. Finally, we found a place to ask directions, and got to the campsite. I could barely see straight and Isaac and I were about an inch away from killing each other. Then we were there. And I ate potato chips and marshmallows and Kim Chee Noodle Bowl until the pain subsided.

Saturday we went white water rafting on the Youghigheny river. Do not ask me how to pronounce this river's name. Everyone seemed to call it the Yog. We paid extra to have a guide sitting in our raft with us, which meant that she did almost all the work of steering and told us exactly when and how to paddle and we didn't even have to paddle much. None of us fell out of the raft (though LOTS of other people did). It was one of those very controlled adventures. I think it might have been fun to have had the next level up of adventure and not had a guide in the boat. But we got real wet and had a fun time. I actually did that same rafting trip when I was in the Girl Scouts about 15 years ago. When I did the math on that I felt really old. Oh well.

The scariest part of the white water rafting was when I got out of the raft at lunchtime and there was another one of those HUGE spiders crawling up my leg. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and then shook it off. Then I made everyone nearby look at the spider. I was talking to strangers, saying see that spider, it was on my LEG! Can you believe it? It must have been the shock. We rode the bus back to our cars after the rafting, and I sat across the aisle from this boy who had the itchiest butt in human history. He was saying things to his big brother like "this is the worst day of my LIFE" and the brother who usually tormented him was really trying to be nice saying, why don't you stand up, or sit on your hands. And this kid could not sit still for the itching of the butt and thought his brother was making fun of him, but he really wasn't. I could not stop thinking of him the rest of the weekend. What happened to make it so itchy, and did he get relief? Most of the time on the bus I was just hoping that it wasn't contagious.

The next day we went to Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright house. That was really interesting and we had a great tour from our guide Joy. I'm really glad that we went. It made me want a really tiny bedroom and a really big "great room". Although I would still like to have a basement and a couple of closets or something too. I guess that FLW hated clutter so much that he didn't believe in attics or basements or garages. Also I would prefer not to have my furniture built into the wall.


Then we went hiking down to the river again and over to some natural waterslides. Sadly, the water was not high enough for any sliding. We saw some people scooting on their asses, but that was just sad. So we went back to the river so Katie and Rich and Russell could swim, and we sat on some rocks and met people's dogs. It was really hot and Isaac was feeling real bad, not being able to find any shade. Everyone else managed it, but he had to put this towel over his head. Poor little Alaskan boy. He felt a real kinship with the husky dog that we saw go by.


Here's the "we're a happy family" picture. Me, Mom and Dad.


Then we went back to the campsite, ate more marshmallows and went to bed. With Isaac reading me Harry Potter, I drifted off to sleep. Then we started the trip home early Monday morning and made it back to NYC in time for Vietnamese food dinner. Almost forgot the cell phone in the rental car, but luckily my instinct to call my mother and tell her we were safely arrived in Philadelphia meant that we were only a block away. Then my mom called the phone as soon as Isaac retreived it. She always knows when I'm about to call.

Happy to be in a (mostly) bug free zone again. City mice are home from the country!

Friday, August 12, 2005

it's all about harry potter y'all.

Sorry, I was channeling cowboy-hatted Lynne for a second there. But I did have to share the Harry Potter obsessed life that Isaac and I have been leading for the past two weeks.

When the new book came out, I decided that I should really catch up on my HP reading, since the new movie is coming out in November.. And I thought that this would be a good chance for Isaac to start reading the books, since he's seen the first 3 movies and would be able to pick up with the fourth. I like to tell him what to do you know. So I got the books on tape (by the way, hb and I figured out that Hennepin County and NYC's library systems have very similar ratios of people to HP books on tape, 25,000 to 1 approximately) and I listened and listened and listened. Isaac got interested when I was about halfway through, so then we went back to the beginning and listened some more together. Then we finished it!

Then I got the fifth book from the library and as Lynne warned me, it was really really long. Like 27 hours long. But Isaac could not wait, so he started it right away. I had already started listening to The Razor's Edge, but soon I could not take Isaac's puppy dog looks any longer,(it wasn't too hard to abandon The Razor's Edge when the Great Depression hit, how sad) and started with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The difference was that where I had gone back to the beginning when we listened to the book together, Isaac couldn't stand it and just tried to "fill me in" on what had happened so that he could get further in the story. So I had to start on tape 3 or something. (I went back later and started on my own). Then he finished way before me - I don't think he removed his headphones for 3 days straight - and then every minute he was coming up to me, what part are you at now? Oh, really, did this happen yet? No? Oops! Argh.

I now have dreamed about Harry Potter for two nights in a row. First Percy was yelling at me about something or other, and last night it was a showdown with Bellatrix. Of course, after the showdown I got on stage and sang with Aretha Franklin, wearing a gold sequin top (a la Bollywood) and some spectacularly ugly brown cordoroys.

Kind of like this + cordoroy overalls:

Yesterday, in a twist of fate, given the long hold lines at the public library, we got our hands on the latest HP book, The Half-Blood Prince. Our secretary is leaving her job to start a rekhi practice in her apartment, and she's decluttering and put her book collection up for grabs. I was luckily sitting right across from her at the goodbye (indian food) lunch! So I beat out that nasty MD/PhD student who manages to be totally condescending, even when YOU are telling HIM how to do something. Ha ha ha. He tried to say, "I'm a fast reader..." Blow me. I can read fast too. Ha ha ha. Anyway, I think Isaac will have something nice to read on the bus, and in the car.

Why will we be on a bus and in a car? Well, it's the weekend of our family camping trip! We haven't been camping as a family since before my brother was born, oh, 20 years ago. So this should be interesting. Of course, we won't be roughing it the way we used to. It's going to be some kind of platform tent with an overhead light and an electrical outlet. Oh, and my dad chickened out and is staying in a hotel with my mom. Oh well. We are going white water rafting on Saturday (sans Mom and Dad) and I don't know what we will do the rest of the time. Hike or something. Or slap mosquitos. I don't know.

So I will be incomunicada until Monday - Cheers and have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

movie i won free tickets to and still didn't go

Last week, I did something I've never done before and entered a contest by the public radio station. I didn't really even hear what the prize was, but it was the first time that I noticed them advertising a prize you could enter online, instead of calling to win (Christine doesn't call, as you well know)...Anyway, I won! Which makes me think that it must have been really easy to win and nobody must have entered. Because I'm not really a "winner".

But the prize was tickets to a showing of Grizzly Man, which I had been hearing about (on the public radio station of course) and sounded like it might be depressing. It's about this guy who moves to Alaska to live among the grizzly bears. He took all this footage of himself with the grizzly bears. Then this director came along and edited it and put it together because the grizzly guy got himself eaten by one of the bears. Oops. And his girlfriend got eaten too. This made me mad at first, that he got not only himself, but also the girlfriend eaten, but then I thought if you are dating this guy you might be too stupide to live. Sorry, that's mean. I take it back.

Anyway, it sounded okay in theory, but then I saw the preview (when we were at Junebug). And it was shockingly annoying. This guy loved these bears so much, in the most naive way. And I just don't think I could sit through more than an hour of foreboding death-just-around-the-corner bear footage. He kept saying, "I would DIE for these bears. DIE DIE DIE!" Anyway, the preview is probably all you need to see too.

Recital on Wall Street

On Tuesday at lunchtime, I got on a downtown train and took myself to Wall Street. Then I walked my way towards the river, past the heavy security outside the NY Stock Exchange, past the statue of George Washington where he was inaugurated, past the guys in blue who look like Latin American guerillas or something outside Deutsche Bank. Then I found this building with a huge atrium, and lots of tables with umbrellas (which is a little weird since we were inside, but I guess it was kind of sunny in there?) and put my bag through a metal detector, and found the stage with a piano on it.


And then I listened to the nice concert that Isaac and his piano quartet (Tiffany, Mai and Li-Ling) played. They played a Mozart piano quartet (in G minor?) and one movement from a Brahms piano quartet. Then Isaac and Mai played a Prokofiev duo for two violins which was a lot of fun. And here they are afterwards.


Right before this picture was taken, a nice lady in the second row behind me stopped Li-Ling and asked her why she had changed out of her lovely purple ensemble which the lady had loved so very much. Sadly, she was mistaking one cute Asian girl for another, so we had to point out Mai to the lady.

Okay, now guess what? Li-Ling (Dahtowawa) has a blog! And so does her fiance I-Chen! And they started a blog about Food in NY and Mai and I will sometimes be writing on that blog too. This intersection of real life and blog life is a little scary, but I think I can handle it! It will be a good outlet for my food posts, although I'm not sure that I talk about anything else really. Hmmm. We'll see what happens!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

junebug (or how I fell in love with Amy Adams)

Isaac and I saw a terrific movie on Sunday night. It's called Junebug, and I first noticed it because the cast includes Embeth Davitz and Alessandro Nivola. Any self-respecting Jane Austen movie adaptation fanatic knows that these two actors are also in the quite unfaithful (but delightful imho) adaptation of Mansfield Park. They play the brother and sister pair of Mary and Henry Crawford. Junebug has them as a recently married couple engaging in lots of more-than-brotherly love.

The couple meets in Chicago - handsome George (Nivola) is a transplant from rural North Carolina, urbane Madeline (Davitz) is an art dealer specializing in outsider art. They meet at her gallery and get married in a week. Then they have been married 6 months when they drive to George's hometown, which is near an artist that Madeline is trying to recruit to show at her gallery. Then you meet the artist - a total weirdo who thinks he's getting visions from God (his art concerns the Civil War and contains huge penises everywhere). Then you meet George's family, his mom (hostile to everyone but her perfect son George), dad (seems withdrawn from the family preferring to do woodworking in the basement), brother (bitter from being in his brother's shadow, and freaked out by his hugely pregnant wife) sister-in-law (hugely pregnant wife who is so happy and welcoming and loving that she makes you want to be her friend instantly, or even better, just to be her).

I could hardly believe how intimately you get to know these characters in such a small amount of time. That alone is wonderful. Then there are the rest of the wonderful things about this movie. Every single time the story is confronted with the possibility of an easy out, the movie never takes it. Yes there is some characterization that you might think of as stereotyping, but often those stereotypes are rattled. The way the movie was filmed was also striking and though I'm no film buff, I really liked the portrait-like moments with no soundtrack.

But best of all was the performance of Amy Adams, who plays Madeline's new sister-in-law. She has joined my Best Performance by an Actress Hall of Fame, along with Frances McDormand as Margie in Fargo. I decided this, and then realized two days later that both characters are pregnant forces for good in the world. I guess I am just a sucker for that character. Anyway, the movie is good and you should see it. I don't know when it is going to other parts of the country or if it already has. Here's a link to the trailer - but I tried to play it for Isaac on his computer and we couldn't get the sound up loud enough. It worked okay on full volume on another computer so hopefully you can hear it.

Hey Nick, I think that this movie would technically go in the category of family drama (although it's also kind of a blue/red state drama) but I think that this might be the exception that proves the rule of your dislike.

too hungry and excited to post properly

We are having a going away lunch for 3 coworkers at the Indian restaurant down the block. I can't wait, I'm so hungry!

But I did see a really great movie on Sunday night and a wonderful concert by my favorite piano quartet yesterday, so I will have things to write about soon!

Chicken Tikka Masala here I come!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy birthday Lynne!

Happy Birthday Lynne!

I convinced Isaac to listen to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in your honor! He is so addicted to HP now that he is ahead of me in listening to The Order of the Phoenix and looking up pictures of the upcoming movie. Here's hoping that whatever you make Zak do turns out just as well.

Best wishes for a great day!

Oh, and these guys all wish you a happy birthday too - they told me to let you know.

medieveal times

Sunday, August 07, 2005

it's saturday night bring on the shrimp paste and I'll smear it on your manpris

Ethnic eating - bring it on.

Isaac and I recently bought this book:

Food Lover's Guide

Hey we love food and we live in NYC. Perfect. You know, I think I was actually supposed to get this book (or an earlier edition of it) as a "Thank You" gift from the public radio station when I became a member like 5 years ago. Think of all the ethnic eating we could have been doing. Oh well, I'll let bygones be bygones over at WNYC, because now we have this book, and it's changing our lives.

Last night we went out for Indonesian food which was a first for me. I guess that Isaac had had Indonesian food before in Holland but he didn't remember it all that well. I was happy to look at the menu and see lots of tempting things, and only a bare minimum of tripe and organ stuff. We got ourselves some stuffed fried bean curd smothered in peanut sauce. We had much experience with the Theorem "And lo, thou shalt fry the tofu-like substance, and behold it will taste very good." But now we experienced the Corollary "And lo, watch ye out, for if you put peanut sauce on the fried tofu, ye mind will explode with pleasure." It was yummmmy.

Then Isaac ordered some chicken dish called Ayam Pelecing, which was pieces of chicken in bright orange sauce made from chiles and shrimp paste. It smelled really shrimpy! And it tasted very good. Meanwhile I ordered a beef dish which apparently isn't on the menu online so I don't know what the name in Malay is, but it was something like Deep Fried Beef with Coriander and something else. It came with two dipping sauces, one spicy and one sweet. And it was so good. It was goo-ood, two syllables. It wasn't what you would think of as deep-fried exactly though (all the better in calorie-conscious hindsight) It was more like it was dried out, and partly jerkified. A long way from being jerky, and it was still remarkably tender actually, but the texture was really nice. I'm not sure what they did to it, but I plan to go back and study it some more. And next time, I'll save room for dessert and have some Agar Agar (Jelly served with Orange sauce) or maybe just a fried banana.

Side note: Just after we sat down at this place, a young guy with a shaved head came in behind us and got a table for himself and two other people not yet there. Then this white boy proceeded to yammer away in Malay with the hostess/waitress. All of our heads were turning, and then the waitress went to the kitchen, and came back out, and then in a manner supposed to be subtle, the cooks proceeded to come out one by one to ogle the guy. So funny. I guess that the guy and his friends were linguists or language students because after the others arrived their conversation was full of language/pronunciation talk which of course interested Isaac greatly.

Another side note: On our subway ride downtown, I observed at one point FOUR men within 20 feet of me wearing the dread manpri pant. And no matter what Kiddo says, manpris are NOT okay by me, even for gays and metrosexuals. I just don't understand how they could be. The ones I have seen look super schlumpy. Most are cargo manpris and worn by guys that do not look put together at all. In fact, one of the wearers last night was a serious bridge and tunnel case who was talking SUPER LOUD to his buddy about his and everybody else's commute to Westchester County for like 20 minutes. He had no volume control on his voice, and he had paired the manpris with a bright green polo shirt stretched over his big beer belly.

I'm not talking about men wearing sandals here - that in fact is fine with me if done properly. I'm not talking about flip flops with your suit or something. Or socks.

If someone out there can find a picture of a guy looking good in manpris, I'll write a fan letter to K Fed.

Kevin Federline

Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today! I wish that we were down there now to celebrate with her. We have made a trip to MD in early August for the last few years to do that, but not so this year. :( Next weekend we are going on a family camping trip, so we will all be together then instead.

What can I say about my mom? She's my hero and I can't begin to describe her. I hope that doesn't sound cheap.

I love you MOM!

Edited to add a picture...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

come to NYC crazy people, you must come!

I don't know if I would call this guy a maniac (doesn't that word usually go with words like knife-wielding?) but he's pretty durn messed up. He dropped a bunch of leaflets telling people not to go to Miami on vacation. Umm, okay, you convinced me. If there's people like you there, I won't go. The crazy will come to me.

This man's website is also highly amusing. Watch out - the tour books will tell you it's an erotic place, but then policewomen posing as prostitutes will getcha!

And to summarize what the guy is saying in his own words:

The paralysis of the tourist industry in the state of Florida might be the best contribution to the industry itself, to the respect due to the visitor who has met the conditions required by authorities and towards bestowing the proper honor on all foreigners who died on September the 11th 2001, who are apparently remembered but rarely, especially those in Pennsylvania who actually died fighting, leaving behind an unforgettable lesson in a humanism with a universal flag, race and religion. So global attention should also be directed towards those regions favored by these activities, especially when it comes to globalization.

forgot to say this was via Number 1 Hit Song. I'd never been to this blog before.

life or death comment situation

If someone doesn't comment on this post in the next 10 minutes I'm getting a piece of cake out of the freezer. Someone please stop me for the love of God. I might even do a few sit-ups if you tell me to. Or maybe the cake craving will have passed by then.

It must be Christine!

Not being terribly creative myself, this seemed like a good idea. Automatic's supposed to change every 30 seconds.

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Happy Birthday Beth!

It's time for another family birthday! My sister Beth turns 27 today. When I was 27, Isaac told me that was the perfect age - grown up and mature but still completely young and fertile. I thought that he would revise his opinion when his wife turned 28, but apparently 27 is still perfect. So you've got a whole year of perfect to enjoy Beth!

I can't remember a time when Beth wasn't around. I remember us going to the hospital together to visit my mom and our sister Katie, but Beth was just AlWAYS there and she's always been herself. She loves purple, she loves to talk on the phone, she speaks fluent Spanish, and she tells you what she's thinking. She has an infectious laugh, she can't cook anything but cranberry chicken and baklava (slight exaggeration), she's everyone's favorite niece hands down, and she's my little sister.

Happy birthday Beth!


Beth_wedding day1

for those whose work is invisible...

I guess that I've really run out of things to talk about - I could say again how I hate talking on the phone, or mention that I'm going to make some muffins again tonight, or post pictures of my first two attempts at making an omelet (well, I'm still reserving the right to do that later). But the post I've settled on is a list of my recent reads.

I'm the worst reviewer ever. I think this might be because my vocabulary of adjectives is limited to nice, exciting, interesting and great. I suck. Sorry in advance. The reviews will be short.

I listen to a lot of books on tape at work, so most of the books were really tapes, and I have no idea what the actual covers looked like. So if there was a choice of book covers I chose the sluttier one. Actually there was only one book cover where one was sluttier than the other, but still I thought you should know that was the deciding factor.

That book was Witch Hunt, by Ian Rankin

Witch Hunt

The other version of the cover just had a gun - how stupid is that? I would give this book a B-. Pros: It had a nice cinematic feel and would probably make a great made for TV movie. Lots of costume changes; Hilarious French anarchists; Fun with carnies...etc. Cons: The man-hating terrorist has a super-weak motive. Also, half of the law enforcers had a parent or child killed by terrorists.

Next up, we go back a few months to The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant.

The Birth of Venus

I waited like 3 months to get this stupid book in CD form. In fact, I think this is probably what did in my mp3 player. I tortured it to death with this story about a dumb Italian girl with the hots for a mute monk painter (I mean he's a monk who paints not that he paints only monks, or only mute monks), then she ends up married to a gay guy who is actually screwing her brother. The wedding night sex scene was probably the best part of the book. OK, that's mean, but anyway, the young female protagonist seems to me not very likeable at all. The only thing good about it was the well-drawn backdrop of Savonarola's rise to power in Florence. That was quite interesting. Anyway, it gets a C-. I might be extra harsh because I had higher expectations.

Then I read Home Land by Sam Lipsyte.

Home Land

This was really good. First of all it's laugh out loud funny. I frequently had to say to Isaac, no, I wasn't laughing at whatever you were saying while I was trying to read this book, I was ignoring you and reading this funny funny book. Having read an actual review of this book I think I'll leave up to the pros.

Next was Regina McBride's The Nature of Water and Air.

The Nature of Water and Air

Some parts were really good, but this was ultimately disappointing. I liked that the story started with twins, but some of the imagery and references got really repetitive. How many times does the heroine have to play the same damn song (Sea Turns) that she used to play with her twin. Cool Irish name though - Clodagh - I wouldn't have known how to pronounce it if it weren't a book on tape. The biggest problem I had with the book though was the ending. I kept waiting for them to tell you that it was just a misunderstanding, but no, it was really true and disGUSTing. The heroine accidentally starts an affair with her own FATHER and then ends up pregnant. What the heck. They describe this author as a literary Maeve Binchy, but I'll just take Maeve, thanks.

My mom recommended this book to me:

Evening Class

And I really enjoyed it. It's all about a group of people whose lives are all tangled up together (in a way that strains the suspension of disbelief a little, but it's fun when stories are tied up in a bow like this I think). They are taking evening classes learning Italian together. And their lives get fixed along the way and they all live happily ever after. Except for the one lady who was an adulterous bitch of course. Strangely the same premise as that movie, Italian for Beginners. Except I don't remember any adultery in that one.

And proving once again that I should get book recommendations from my mom more often, Pearl by Mary Gordon:


This was the first book I've read by Mary Gordon, and it was beautifully written. It's about a girl who grew up in NYC (up near Columbia in fact) with her impeccably liberal mom. The daughter then goes to Ireland to study Irish and meets some people from a splinter group of the IRA which is still violent. She is more obsessed with the hunger striking elements of this group's past, and she ends up trying to starve herself to death. The summary of the book sounds ridiculous in a way, and I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not, but the book says something about forgiveness and choosing to live with imperfection. And it feels like you couldn't have arrived at these conclusions any other way than by going through the action and thought process of the book.

Anyway, my mom's really into the Irish stuff lately I think! After I read the Mary Gordon book I realized that I had recently heard a song made out of the words of a Mary Gordon poem/prayer. It was the same day that I heard that song Jesus Shaves on NPR, by the Roche sisters again. The song is called For Those Whose Work is Invisible and it is lovely. You could hear part of it at Amazon.

For those who paint the undersides of boats, makers of ornamental drains on roofs too high to be seen; for cobblers who labor over inner soles; for seamstresses who stitch the wrong sides of linings; for scholars whose research leads to no obvious discovery; for dentists who polish each gold surface of the fillings of upper molars; for sewer engineers and those who repair water mains; for electricians; for artists who suppress what does injustice to their visions; for surgeons whose sutures are things of beauty. For all those whose work is for Your eye only, who labor for Your entertainment or their own, who sleep in peace or do not sleep in peace, knowing that their effects are unknown.

Protect them from downheartedness and from diseases of the eye.

Grant them perseverance, for the sake of Your love which is humble, invisible and heedless of reward.

From the album:

why the long face

Monday, August 01, 2005

And I thought I hated talking on the phone with people...

but the thought of making an audio post has me in a cold sweat. I'm not kidding. So I'm not gonna do it. At least for now. Why don't you just call me instead?

Isaac made margaritas yesterday and we put some cherries in them. I pitted all the cherries, and ended up with very red fingertips and fingernails. Almost as good as a manicure. Except hideous. Then we drank antioxidant-laden margaritas - so HEALTHY! And delicious. And there were leftovers for tonight! Wheee!!!

Now that we have replaced our VCR, Isaac is once again succumbing to the dark side and rediscovering his collection of Dr. Who videotapes. You heard me, Dr. Who. Gosh darn PBS for broadcasting every freaking episode in Isaac's childhood. Sadly for Isaac, this has an even worse effect on me than the Looney Tunes of old. A lot of the time this show makes me ANGRY for no good reason. Other than that it's just there. With bad special effects and bad acting and swiss-cheesy story lines. It's a damn good thing Isaac made me that margarita or I'd be less mellow and make some demands.

Good night!