Thursday, June 30, 2005

pride and pride and pride and prejudice

Edited this post on November 18th, since so many people seem to be looking at it for the picture. I didn't see this outfit anywhere in the movie, it seems to be just a promotional shot. I saw the movie recently and you can see what I thought of it here, and my notes about this post here.

A little bird recently told me that they are making another Pride and Prejudice. I don't know how I missed this news, but of course I was intrigued. Having watched Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility again recently, I was struck at how rushed everything seemed, compared to the longer P&P by the BBC. I wonder how they are going to manage to shrink the story back down again for a (presumably) two hour movie again.

Anyway, Keira Knightley is going to be playing Elizabeth Bennet, and then Darcy is going to be played by this guy Matthew MacFayden. This rings a bell with me probably only because I had a crush in the fourth grade on a boy named Matt McFadden. He was totally adorable. As for the new Mr. Darcy, I don't know....I mean what's with this picture. Why does he have his fingers in his belt loops, when there are no belt loops to be seen? And why is Elizabeth looking all Victorian? Hmmm.

Deleted picture because it is not from P&P...

More troubling still, is the article I read about this MacFayden character where he says that he has never read Pride and Prejudice...what? I can understand not seeing the BBC version since you wouldn't want that to color your work, but an adaptation of P&P seems like a hell of a lot more than a screenplay. Still sounds like he's got the pride part of the role down.

I look forward to being pleasantly surprised by a good movie though. As much as I love the BBC version and watch it often, there is still room for improvement and maybe Keira will make a great Elizabeth.

Oh Colin. Miss you! But not as much as this person does. Whoa Nelly.

Colin Firth Darcy

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

entertaining menu: a question?

If you were having a dinner party with two Chileans, three Russians and one Miss Taiwan, what would you make?

sights you can't forget

When I saw Stacy's post I tried to think of a sight that I really couldn't forget. I can't think of anything I ever saw in real life and strangely all the other images indelibly engraved on my brain have to do with cute animals (sliding penguins, narcoleptic puppies and a baby elephant whose mama had to help him learn to walk real quick before the herd left them behind - the penguin trailer is NOTHING compared to this for making one cry). I'm sure I could think of something less cute that is engraved on my brain, but why try?

But I did think of one for Isaac - because like Greg and Stacy, he's told me this story a few hundred times. Isaac's mom was a psychologist and in Alaska, psychologists aren't exactly specialists. She was a child psychologist, marriage and sex therapist, child molester therapist, testified in court, etc. One time she brought 12 y.o. Isaac with her to Valdez to visit one of her younger patients who had been institutionalized there. It was a state-run place for severely developmentally disabled people. There was a 15 yo girl getting her diaper changed, most of the kids couldn't talk or even feed themselves, etc. He had to ride the bus with a whole bunch of the kids from one place to another on the grounds of the institution and it was one of the scariest things he had experienced at that age. Anyway, it made a huge impression on him. I think that's probably part of why he is so afraid of having a child with special needs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another chapter in the book titled Life Isn't Fair

Isaac told me last night that instead of having lunch with me today, he would have to eat lunch with guy visiting from Sweden who is apparently interviewing for a job here. OK, no problem, this happens pretty often. So I brought my leftover salad and a piece of poblano chile quiche (really quite good). I wasn't jealous at all, until I heard that they are going to our favorite fancyish Mexican place.

Oh NO! Life really isn't fair, I just realized looking at their website that they aren't open for lunch. Poor hungry Swede. I wonder what they will have done instead. I feel a little better. How bad of me. Add that to the list of my moral failings.

Christine's Eye on Fashion - Upper East Side Edition

I know that anyone who knows me or has seen pictures of me is thinking that this is a really stupid idea. I pay about as much attention to the way that I dress as a goat pays to what it eats. However, this does not mean I don't have strong opinions about the fashion choices of others.

Let's start with my fashion DON'Ts

DON'T wear those mesh top sandals with little flowers on them that everyone was wearing last summer. They looked stupid then, they look stupid now.

mesh red sandals

Even more importantly, DON'T wear this crazy sparkly version of the same slipper.


On the other hand, I like the wrap top a lot - Tiffany made me promise not to post this picture on the internet, but I'll choose to interpret that as she didn't want me to show her face with her sticking her tongue out at me. The shirt is just too cute. Anyway, I don't think she knows this blog exists...shhh.

wrap top

Also adorable, the empire waist v-neck type shirt. I like the flutter sleeves too. Sorry for not including Lynne and Stacy in the fashion roundup, but I think you guys will agree you are wearing more classic looks. :)


Now, back to the don'ts:

I have seen a lot of girls reviving something I remember from the late 80's. I don't understand the drop waist. I think for most women it just serves to give you an unattractive unibutt look. I don't get it. And I really don't get it on a short skirt. This is not the best example, but still.


Okay, I haven't seen anyone actually wearing something that looks like this, but look at the hideousness. I somehow feel that the picture has caught her mid-dance move. I swear, I hear Vanilla Ice in my head. Stop. Collaborate and listen. Or mid-nail drying I guess. It's all perspective. It's crochet couture y'all.


Besides the flip-flops with business suit, there is another male fashion trend which I feel moved to speak against. The manpri. It's spreading. I saw one of these men coming towards me on 1st avenue and I had to cross the street. Then I couldn't stop staring in disbelief across the street. What the hell.

Here is a particularly greivous example. I think these are like balloon cuff manpris.


Speaking of balloon hems - I saw a dress at the fancy event I attended which looked from the waist down, like this:


Okay, Brian was there and saw it and maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it was shiny, gold and tucked under and poofy. It was bad. Just saw no to the balloon skirt.

I wish I had a picture of Tiffany from the music rehearsal I attended on Sunday night so that I could end on a positive note. Black halter top (not the sleazy kind) and pretty white eyelet circle skirt. Adorable and classy.

I always vow that I will reform myself and go shopping, but I'm a hopeless case. Right now I'm single-handedly trying to popularize the grandma's cardigan sweater look. I have been wearing the same sweater under my labcoat for 2 weeks straight and I literally got it as a hand-me-down from my grandma (it was too small for her). Awesome.

On the other hand I've heard that AARP-wear coming into its own. Why should we cede these items to the senior crowd!?! Let's take back the cardigan sweater and the pastel landscape shirt!

Monday, June 27, 2005

so maybe I'm not of the highest moral fibre

You have to spell it the British way when talking about moral fibre.

Feeling a little bad because:

1. Tonight I saw a guy leaving the Taco King (one of the ubiquitous Chinese-run "mexican" restaurants in our part of town). He was looking at his cell phone and tripped on his flip flops over the rug almost falling on his face. This pretty much made my evening.

2. I had a hard time not laughing when my Japanese labmate tried to say "concentlation" and he was not well understood. He's such a good sport though.

3. I sat down at the computer immediately when I got home from work instead of paying attention to Isaac.

4. I have copied about 60 recipes from library cookbooks in the last few days.

5. I lusted in my heart after the male model looking guy who works on our floor. It's not fair - he wore his glasses today which always causes me to skip down the hall and bite my lip very hard. If he ever wears ankle-baring footwear and glasses on the same day, I think that I will probably pass out. Thus far, never the twain have met.

By the way, if this last item disappears it's because I'm scared shitless someone from work will see it. Not Isaac - he already knows about it...

Friday, June 24, 2005

dangerous amounts of cuteness

I find this trailer for the March of the Penguins (trailer here too) to be so cute as to be manipulative. Without the music and narration, one might be safer. But be careful watching this in the workplace, especially if you have a tendency to tear up at emotion-molding visuals like those found in greeting card and coffee commercials. I'm speaking from experience here.

When the baby penguin lifts its arms and shakes I think my heart was this close to exploding.

Another wedding, same couple

Nick and Gina are back in China after going to a wedding in Hong Kong. This is another wedding for the same couple whose wedding we attended in the Bay Area in May! Apparently there were lots of important Nigerians at this wedding because that's where the bride's parents had a fortune-making factory. Anyway, it looks like N&G had a great time with plenty of champagne and more people and therefore more cake than at the CA wedding. He took some lovely pictures and posted about it too.

Look - it's outfit number two! I'm kind of relieved that there are only 3 outfits and not 6. Somehow 3 seems even more perfectly reasonable given the two wedding locations. Actually I don't see outfit number 3 in any of Nick's pictures, so maybe it did not appear in Hong Kong.

with Michelle and Dave

hurts so good, run happy my friend, flip flop queer love rooftop style

We just finished watching Hitch (another classic courtesy of the NY public library). It was so painful that we were cringing for a full 3/4 of it. But I must have really low standards for entertainment because I still found it worth watching on and off for a couple of hours, in between dinner and making this poblano chile quiche. Mostly the parts with Kevin James. And I'm a total sucker for stupid dancing of any kind in movies and found all of those parts hilarious. That was always my favorite part of Waiting for Guffman, Corky's choreography.

Isaac ran in the Chase Corporate Challenge yesterday, and improved his time from last year by almost a minute. It is a 3.5 mile race in Central Park. I participated as a spectator, and took some really awful blurry pictures. I don't know what I have to do to get my camera to work in a sports situation. It was all rainy and the light was therefore kind of sucky. Anyway, after the hard work of spectating, I joined the "team" from our workplace for a specially arranged "happy hour" at "O'Flanagan's". oops, sorry. I did some more heavy lifting of a couple of pints. The team was really counting on me.

I went out on Tuesday for the first night of summer and a friend's birthday. It was a beautiful night and we met at a rooftop bar in Murray Hill. The roof had a great view of the Empire State and the Chrysler building and of the beautiful orangey full moon that night. It was a great evening. It seemed a little bit of a meatmarket initially, but as soon as I found the others that feeling was gone. The place was called The Rare View.

We saw a guy in flip flops with his suit which was kind of weird. But then this girl that I just met pointed the guy out to me and said, flip flips with the suit, that's gay. And I was like, gay? No gay guy would be caught dead wearing that. I guess I was being over-literal or something, but do people still say "gay" to disparage something? This girl works for a publication dealing with theater (where I would think you don't say gay unless you mean GAY). But then again, she's from Texas. You can take the girl out of Texas...I asked her how long she had been in NY and she said FOUR years. I was like, wow (eye roll). Someone else asked jokingly, so do you feel like a New Yorker now? And she said, I felt like a New Yorker on the first DAY! And then she added that she arrived 2 weeks before September 11th, so that might have had something to do with it. I think that's when I wrote her off competely. Sorry! I feel guilty badmouthing the friend of my birthday friend who I like so very much. But the girl I don't like is actually her boss, and maybe not such a good friend. I'll tell myself that.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

workman's comp?

I think i must have heard a million sketchy lawyers' commericals pledging to get you all the workman's comp you deserve because the phrase is etched into my brain. I was wondering if I could file for such a thing since I just injured myself in the workplace. I smacked myself really hard in the lip with a graduated cyclinder. Hey, kind of like this one. That girl has better hair than me, but that's easy when it's just a drawing and not humid at all in drawing-land. And at least I have a labcoat, not a stupid apron. So, luckily my cylinder was empty. But now I have a fat lip. I think it's time to go home and make dinner.

Friday, June 17, 2005

lost in translation

I really enjoy bad translations. Here are a few examples...

Just saw this fine example of a laundry detergent in Afghanistan.

Of course, the Japanese have been providing entertaining examples of this for years and years.

A new recent favorite, is this product supposed to cover up the smell of this or have this smell?

There also seems to be a proliferation of stores with Poo in the name.

And here are a few pictures that I took myself in China of the bad translation phenomenon.

Sorry if this is hard to read - you will notice that you can't "urinate or shit" in the park. Yes, that means YOU. You also had better not take part in any feudalistic activities (would that be like a Renaissance Festival or something?) or practice medicine. I also love on this sign that it looks like someone took a thesaurus to look up all the possible ways that you can say forbidden: expected not to, impermissible, unallowable, not supposed to, banned, discipline himself against, not allowed, inexpedient!

Shanghai People's Park

Then we found these delightful books in the airport. Nick told us that most of these books are only published in Chinese, but they still come up with a title in English because of the prestige associated with having some English on the cover of your book.

-Accurate Policies for Being a First

-Why Not Succeed/Why Not Ambition

-The Strong Points of Being Person/The Weak Points of Being Person

-Jew's Trade Route Deciphering

-Work first golden rule and precious precept of the person doing

And my favorite: Say Loudly I am an essence

say loudly

In Shanghai, we rode in a taxi where "no psychos or drunkards without guardians" are allowed. Oops, I already blogged about this one.

This is more disgusting than anything, but there were also these little packets in our hotel rooms sometimes which were labeled "Only For Man" and "Only For Woman". Wouldn't you know, you can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases just by using these little pasteurized towels. EW EW EW. By the way, you might think I'm a prude, but I think pudenda is one of the grossest words in the English language. Accompanying reading material included this helpfully laminated card (we won't think too hard about the need for lamination). And this brochure, which declares, "Ardor in city must be secured." Okay.

Another thing that I forgot to mention about our time in China was that once people found out where the foreigners were staying in the hotel, they started calling our room to ask if we would want a prostitute for the evening. Naturally. But they don't stop calling. So we had to unplug the phone. Also, if I ever walked more than 5 feet away from Isaac, he would get offers of "you want chinese girl?" Nick was afraid to let us go into any karaoke bars because of the sketchiness involved. A lot of times the karaoke rooms come with a girl (for a fee of course, which might not be disclosed right away). Or there are non-obvious hostesses at some places who will ask you to buy them a drink and then it turns out that her drink cost literally a thousand dollars, or something like that. Maybe Nick is more paranoid than some people, but better safe than sorry. Or you could end up like poor Sergio (Nick's stepsister's boyfriend), taken by a rickshaw driver to a far away brothel (not his intended destination) and have to run away from the driver when you refuse to pay.

Happy weekend everyone, and don't get into any strange rickshaws!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

An episode of Opera in the Park, wherein the author and friends drink wine, eat guacamole, and lounge in hot weather

Tuesday night we braved the heat and went to one of the "Opera in the Park" performances in Central Park. We got there about an hour early - Tiffany and Emily went there earlier in the day to stake out a spot. We had a nice shady place under a tree. I noticed that we had missed our chance to pick up a program for the opera, oops. Thought about getting up to get one, but decided it would be nicer to just have some of Tiffany's famous guacamole. Looks like I made the right choice, because everyone in my section of the park (pretty far from the stage) just kept on talking right through the singing. Which was okay with me once I figured it out. I suppose that everyone knows that these events are an excuse to drink wine out in Central Park.

Here are Randy and Sandra, or as Tiffany calls them, The Randra. She's an oboe player, he's an econ professor. How can their names be so similar? It's a mystery for the ages...


Here's Emily and Tiffany - damn that sausage was good.


Here's a guy who set up a bar next to the tree we were sitting under. He was selling water, cold beer, and mixed drinks. He even had some kind of battery-operated blender for this purpose which he's holding in the picture. That is some ambition there.


And here's the sweetest little baby who Tiffany was making faces at - this got the baby very very excited! Hence the blurriness. When she started crawling towards us later on, her dad distracted her by opening up his flip phone and waving the lighted screen in front of her eyes. This worked like a hypnotic charm and he led her back onto their blanket. So funny.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

happy and cute pets

I posted earlier about Lisa's new dog getting acupuncture. She just adopted two dogs, both of which are Pomaranians I think. Sadly, her previous Pomaranian Rudy died from kidney disease back in March. :( He was a sweet little dog and his name was Rudy after Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He was found abandoned on the side of the road up in North Pole, Alaska.

Note, this is not "the North Pole" as in the top of the Earth, but a made-up place near Isaac's hometown of Fairbanks where there is a gigantic statue of Santa Claus and a decent Chinese restaurant. That's all I've seen of it at least.

Anyway, Rudy was a great dog, and he definitely had a good life with Lisa and her boyfriend Rob who spoiled him like their baby. He had lost most of his teeth by the time he was rescued, but he had three left I think. Then he went to the doggie dentist and they somehow cleaned away two teeth. :( Then he had one tooth left, and his little tongue would hang out to the side of his mouth because of it. Here's a picture. R.I.P. Rudy.

Rudy & His Tongue

Monday, June 13, 2005

i want baby penguin for a pet

i would even keep the apartment air conditioned for him all the time. Or I could bring him to my arctic workplace and make an icy slide so he could slide on his fuzzy tummy.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

another post in the line of how stupid can you be

This weekend the heat finally got unbearable in our apartment. So I decided to do some baking!!! Oh and it was a hot and sweaty baking session. But it was fun. Part of it was the "required baking." I have to make Isaac's breakfast every 10 days or so. He likes bran muffins. I really don't like them much, but it's better than nothing on some mornings, so I'll eat one too.

Here's a picture. Watch out, barf alert...they contain raisins!!!


The other thing I made was an epicurious recipe for Yeast Rolls. Following the Yeasty Success of pretzel-making I thought I would give this a try. I think they did okay. They were a little bit sweet for my taste though. I added some onion seeds to the top of half of them. Onion seeds are so much better than poppy seeds! At least for an onion lover like myself. I got them at an Indian Grocery store under the name Kalonji.





Pretty good. But in search of a yeasty bread product that fulfills all my dreams, I'm turning to the sourdough. I was thinking this will be the opposite of sweet rolls, if I can make a decent sourdough bread. So today I made a "starter" which is really scary to me. You leave this shit out on the counter for 24 hours so that it can get started fermenting! I was raised that you never leave food in "The Danger Zone" of 40-110 degrees, or whatever it is, for longer than 2 hours (MAX!) Otherwise, vomiting and death will ensue. You would think I would have gotten over this, making beer several times - you leave that out to ferment for weeks. But we do take sterilization of all beer-touching implements very seriously.

Here's a crappy picture of the scary starter:


Does that look like something food related? If anyone has any helpful hints I'm all ears.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Isaac is on the phone with his sister who is my favorite in-law. I'm allowed to play favorites with in-laws, right? But I just about spit out my drink when I heard him say, "And how did the dog respond to the acupuncture?" We were writhing in silent laughter for a long time.

not that bright really

Because our friend Nick left China and went to Thailand recently, he was able to comment on my blog for the first time ever! Yay!

I have a confession though. Though I have been checking Nick's Flickr pictures recently, I never actually realized that he had his own blogspot blog. I remember when he told me that blogspot was blocked but blogger wasn't so he could in theory have his own blog without ever seeing it. But I thought he was kidding sort of.

But he wasn't! He's had a blog for months, and I just saw it today.

Of course I will add him to my links immediately.

For your reading pleasure - Nick Tackett!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

what a weekend - woooo!!!

I'm definitely embarrassed by the way that I live whenever Isaac leaves me home by myself. I'm depressive, lazy, spend too much time in front of the computer. I don't feel like going to work. I don't feel like going outside. I don't want to exercise. I don't feel like calling anyone on the phone. Except Isaac. It's pathetic. I'm a social cripple.

So while Isaac was in Madison this weekend celebrating his friend Jacob (the Jewish Eskimo) Jacobson's 30th birthday, I fell into old habits. Well, first I went to the happy hour at work on Friday night. Then I came home and devoured the rest of a box of Rice Krispies leftover from the rice krispie treat making (and no, Isaac did not leave me ONE treat. how sad I was). That made 3 big bowls of cereal. Sounds like a well-balanced meal to me. Then I posted drunken Happy birthday messages of love to Brian.

Then the weekend passed in a blur of internet browsing. I didn't go to a party on Saturday night that I'm sure on any objective scale would have been a lot of fun but I was feeling too anxious about not knowing anyone there. Here is a list of the meals I constructed in the absence of my yin (or is it yang?)

1. Fri Lunch: Noodle Spinach thing that turned out to be disgusting. I had two bites, neither of which contained any spinach, then threw the rest out.

2. Fri Dinner: Cereal galore.

3. Sat brunch: Garlic Bread (i.e. roll cut in half, Smart Balance spread, and sprinkled with garlic powder)

4. Sat dinner: Carrot sticks and green pepper sticks dipped in a shitload of onion dip. And Garlic Bread.

5. Sun lunch: Barlic Gread

6. Sun Dinner: homemade microwave popcorn (brown paper bag with 1/4 cup popcorn, 1 tsp oil smeared all over the bag to "seal" it, plus salt powdered in the spice grinder, stapled shut). This was so good I had another bag.

Thank God he came home Monday. I'm still being exceptionally nice to him I think.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Jesus Shaves

I was looking at this website of t-shirts (I don't know what adjective to attach to the t-shirts - are they subversive? Offensive? Ultra-liberal hipster?) and came across this one called "Jesus Shaves".

But it reminded me off something I heard on the radio a couple months ago and so I went looking for it. God bless the NPR archives. The song is called Jesus Shaves (i'm so literal minded) and I heard a live cover of the song on the radio by Maggie and Suzzy Roche. The original which I promptly bought is by this guy called Paranoid Larry. This song is part of why I could never be any kind of critic, especially music. Not that people were lining up to offer me jobs as a critic, duh duh duh. Anyway, I just fell head over heels for this song, so much that I can't even think about it in an objective way.

Here is how you could hear it if you want - the Roche version is not available on CD. Go to the link for the episode on NPR. Then you click on listen to the whole show. Or just go to this real audio link. Am I doing that right? Then you have to fast forward to approx 24.5 minutes into the show. Then you hear the song. Easy peasy. You'll probably hate it. Don't blame me, I said I'm no critic. Or you could buy the Paranoid Larry version on ITunes.

Friday, June 03, 2005

look at us Brian, summer 1997.

me with the short hair and you with the long hair. I'm refraining from posting the picture of you and me in Summer 1996, where I have the eyebrows to scare small children (well, I still do, don't I?) and you and I are both wearing my sister's clothing.


will smith and me

I'm both extremely thankful to this woman for posting this mp3 of herself performing "Parents Just Don't Understand" and extremely thankful to God that there were no microphones near me from 1986-1994. This was my very favorite song, despite the fact that I had very understanding parents. I used to call my best friend who lived 3 houses away every time it was on the radio.

since I am working backwards

from today's birthday folks in the order of how long i've known you...Happy birthday BRIAN!

Brian - you know I ran all the way home from my workplace happy hour, and how that reflects on my level of intoxication. Not to make our friendship more shallow than it really is, but Brian was present when I had my first shot, which was also my first real drink, during the summer after my freshman year of college. I had made a pledge to myself not to drink anything during my freshman year. That summer though, I had my first drink, a shot of tequila, which was from a bottle made of plastic (super classy). Come to think of it, Brian was also there the next summer, when I had my second milestone of drinking - until I was so trashed that I got sick. We played "I never..." and I was drinking wine coolers. Awesome.

When I first met Brian - he was the star of our scholarship program. There was an article about him in the Boston Globe, causing us all to be jealous and intimidated. I guess? maybe I'm just speaking for myself. He was actually the star all the way throughout college, but the intimidation factor was definitely gone by then. When we got to grad school, I accidentally spilled to Brian over the phone while I was at work that I did not get his message because I did not spend that night at home. He was SHOCKED, or at least pretended to be, since I was a good girl. I was "secretly" spending nights (i'm sure everyone knew) with my coworker Isaac at the time. Brian was the first person to hear that I was getting married, besides my mom. He's the only "real live" person besides Nick who reads my blog. I accidentally told him that I loved him when we said goodbye on the night of the Wall Street Dinner, partly because I was trashed, but I really meant it!

There is no way to sum Brian up, so I won't try. I hope he's having a wonderful wonderful birthday.

happy what?

This is my sister Katie's boyfriend. We like the Russell. He's got kind of an infectious laugh that is hard to resist. He replaced a previous blonde swimmer boyfriend who was a real dickwad too. Of course we didn't know the proportion of the previous boyfriend's dickiness until later. Even that guy's parents sucked. But back to the Russell. He can cook. That's good. He is also a blonde swimmer. From California (boo...) But he also accompanied my sister to numerous fittings of my wedding dress when it was being altered to fit my lardache. That has got to tell you something.

Happy birthday Russ!! I like this picture of him because although this was supposedly a flash-induced blink, it looks like a very intentional eye scrunch.


Happy HMMMDay Dear HMM-HMMM!

Happy Birthday Stacy! And Brian! And Russell! How did I end up knowing so many people born on this day. Very strange.

Anyway, of course I was in agony in the weeks leading up to Stacy's birthday. What do you get for the girl who has everything? Well, let's take a photographic journey on Ebay through the delightful things that I considered. Are you surprised that I'm shopping for gifts on Ebay? You know I'm cheap. And where else but Ebay could you find wonderful gifts like this?

In the 30th birthday category - Collector's Edition glasses featuring The Pillsbury Doughboy. Hoo-Hoo!


But maybe we should personalize the gift a little more...

limbo rock

No, she definitely will have this album if she's a true Limbo aficionda.

But what about this? So cute...


I don't know, maybe that's just condescending.

Speaking of condescending. How about this gift???!!

bears on crack

What the hell is up with the scary teddies? Grisly Greats is right! Don't they mean grizzly? Silly Brits. Gabs (can I call you Gabs?) it's too bad that you didn't patent the name of the club while you were at it. :(

But Gabs is all grown up now. And maybe her THIRTIETH birthday gift should reflect the mature woman that she has become. Not this Elmo and Teddy Bear stuff. How about a gift that involves both sex and drinking? Those things are grown-up.

grownup present

A Johnny Depp shotglass - perfect! We know she likes Johnny Depp. But wait. Stacy doesn't like sex or drinking. (Sorry Greg.) Let's backtrack.

Let's think about the gift that keeps on giving.

learn to hug

This book contains details about why, where and how to hug!!! 25 different hugs are included. Awesome.

Wishing you all the best birthday girl!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

cooking thai curry with Isaac

Isaac is traveling to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow morning for his friend Jacob's 30th birthday. It's going to be a nice male bonding event, full of nachos, Dr. Pepper, movie watching, brats and beers and Thai Curry and Rice Krispie Treats. Wow, almost all of those activities are calorically based.

So tonight Isaac fired up the stovetop and cooked my favorite food in the whole wide world. Thai Curry. This one is green, and with chicken. I helped with chopping duties, and Isaac did the hard part...

First, I chopped up Chicken, zucchini and jalapenos.




Isaac took some curry paste and dissolved it into some coconut milk. Then he heated the crap out of that in the skillet until some green oil started to separate out.


Then I think he added some fish sauce and some sugar, and some more coconut milk maybe. The he cooks the crap out of that some more until the curry paste is really getting scalded and sticking to the bottom of the skillet a little.


Then the rest of the coconut milk gets added, and then once that is cooked, some chicken broth is added. Then we just added the chicken straight to the curry liquid. Once the chicken is cooked through, zucchini goes in. Right before the end, the jalapenos and the basil go in. Oops I forgot to mention the basil earlier. We usually go to Chinatown for Thai Basil, but had to settle for Italian this time. I spun the basil in our beloved salad spinner.

And then it's done:


SO GOOD. But so not suitable for everyday eating, much less Oprah's bootcamp. I only have it on special occasions like my birthday anymore. Why must the good things be so bad for you? Good thing this curry is getting on a plane to Wisconsin tomorrow!

what kind of daughter would I be

If I didn' t wish a Happy Birthday to my Dad.


Yay Dad. I got a lot of things from my dad, including a big dose of shyness. He got the "seen but not heard" award when he was in high school. My dad always came through for me when it counted though, even if it involved interaction with strangers. I guess that this just comes with being a grownup, but I only hope that I can get over talking to strangers the way that he has.

When I was about to start high school, I was going to join the cross country team, and practices started before the school year did. But after I got dropped off at the unfamiliar school, I had no idea where the cross country team was meeting. They weren't out at the track or in the big gym. I called my dad and begged him to come and pick me up and take me home. He came back to get me, and marched over to the girls running around the track. It turns out that was the cheerleading team of course but they pointed us in the right direction.

I guess this is a stupid story, more about what a quitter I was than anything else. But somehow it crystallized in my mind the sacrifices that my dad has made because he's a dad and couldn't let me be a quitter. I knew damn well that he didn't want to talk to those stupid cheerleaders any more than I did. But he got over it because he's my dad. And I walked in late to the team meeting with my face as red as humanly possible, joined the cross country team and really can't imagine what my first year of high school would have been like without it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

meant for each other

Stacy's comment about my apparent cooking prowess reminded me of the good old days when I was pretty much afraid to cook meat because I thought I would undercook it and give myself food poisoning. (Just like the horrible food poisoning Grandma nightmare! See, we are compatible Stacy!)

The only safe foods were frozen and reheatable. Like tater tots. So when Isaac came over to watch a movie at my apartment (he brought Aliens, so romantic), I of course served him the tots. Nummy. Unfortunately I did not have quite enough ketchup. I have since come to learn that Isaac must have been showing tremendous restraint in the ketchup-eating arena, because really, it's NEVER enough ketchup. It's unreal. But anyway, to solve the ketchup shortage, Isaac thought he would show off his centrifugation skills. Similar to nun-chucks skills. He windmilled the ketchup bottle around to shake the ketchup down to the lid, and all was great, until it hit the edge of the table, spraying ketchup around my kitchen and all over me. It was awesome! One of those moments to last a lifetime. I think that's when I knew this was the man for me. Who else could be so totally goofy?

Anyway, I think that was the same night we saw the sliding penguins. Or maybe all these memories of my old apartment are just blending together.