Thursday, November 25, 2004

Holy Poultry!

So, I didn't realize this when I left New York yesterday, but apparently I'm in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year. There's only 7 of us, all immediate family, but this is the first year we have done turkey in a while. And my mom is working today so that she can get double-time at her occasional nursing gig. I'm supposed to be prepping said turkey right now! It's supposed to be in the oven in 35 minutes. My sister is supposed to show up to help, but I guess she's not going to get here until much later.

Anyway, there's always the Purdue hotline, available until 3 pm. 1-800-4-purdue. I see Butterball has one too. I found some old string in the drawer from some long ago deceased Butterball. And now I have to go and touch the turkey and bind it with string somehow!

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Our new apartment

isaac apartment
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This was a picture I took when we were moving into our current apartment. That was almost exactly a year ago. You can see how we lacked shower curtain and showerhead.


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While I'm not ready to post my own picture, I'll post one of my lovely husband. I took this one on our way to Quebec City last month. We met up with Isaac's dad at a conference given in Dad's honor.

It was a beautiful city, and I highly recommend a visit for anyone looking for the European feel without actually crossing the ocean. Too bad it rained on our one day of sightseeing...

Free food!

Just like magic. I can't keep myself from being very excited that today we have a seminar at 4:00, where there will be coffee/tea and cookies. COOKIES! In spite of the fact that I would (almost) never buy cookies for myself, I have no self control when it comes to free junk food.

Then tonight at 6pm, there is a research fellows' happy hour, which means free wine and cheese and beer and fruit. The beer and fruit don't really go together the way the wine and cheese does, it's just the order in which I thought of the free things. Oh, and there are also goldfish crackers. They have one of these things every other Tuesday at "the institute", which is why some of you may have noticed my half-drunk blog-commenting on Tuesday nights. At least I'm not a mean drunk.

Then they have a beer happy hour every Friday. My husband insists on eating enough goldfish crackers at these things so that he doesn't have to eat dinner. He really does that on purpose. We are really not poor, despite my library-going and the free-food gorging. When we were grad students, that was a different story. But the free food/booze frenzy has still not worn off. I wonder if it ever does.

Monday, November 22, 2004

MOMA reopening

So Isaac and I went for a walk on Saturday to see if we could get in to the reopened Museum of Modern Art, since admission was free on opening day. By the time we got there the line was all the way around the block, and they had people shepherding groups of 50 or so people, walking them around the block. Anyway, we decided that even though the admission price is outrageous, we'd rather just pay some other time than wait in the rain for 2 hours and then push up against other wet people inside trying to see stuff. So instead we went to the huge public library branch right across the street. My favorite place and it's free too.

Weirdly, there were some protesters across the street from the museum, some of whom were wearing black masks, and holding signs saying "ART IS DEAD" and maybe "MOMA IS DEAD" or something like that. And a couple of signs with nothing on them, just painted black. I guess they were some kind of performance art themselves or something? Philosophy students representing a movement that I have forgotten the name of? They were being filmed from up close by someone, and then getting confronted by this HUGE tourist looking guy the next time I walked by. I wish I could have stayed to see what happened.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bad Bad Boyfriend


I admit it, I really used to like Jared Leto (back in his days as Jordan Catalano, and i think there are some other MSCL fans in the house - didn't I read that rumor about hotbabe?) but what a jerk. No one treats Scarlett like that, NO ONE!

I hope she ditches his lame ass. I'm not throwing out my collection of My So-Called Life episodes yet though.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Damian Rice

Another thing for which I suspect I was out of the loop. I heard this song on the preview for Closer, and figured out it was by this guy Damian Rice, and so I finally was able to get the CD from the library. (I am so cheap that I check everything possible out from the library (though no puppets, thank God) but I think that this is really just getting my money's worth when you think about the taxes that we pay in NYC, and I will never again live in a place with a library system so amazing, so I should take full advantage. Is that enough justification for my library nerdiness?)

Anyway, I've only listened to the CD a few times, but I really like it so far. Especially the song from the preview "The Blower's Daughter".

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

gay cowboy movie?

Did everyone but me know that Ang Lee is making a gay cowboy movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger? Please let it be better than The Hulk. Ang really let me down on that one.

Forgot that I do have something exciting to blog about!

I was feeling all mopey, blog-reading, and not thinking of anything to post. But then I remembered my weekend celebrity sighting!

Went out to lunch with Isaac (previously unnamed husband) and another friend to an Indian buffet on Saturday. And who should we see but...Geraldo Rivera. Eww. And double eww, because he was with this woman who could have been his daughter. She was kind of skanky looking, wearing these huge hoop earrings and looking like she should be chewing gum even if she wasn't at the time. But the point is not to diss the girl, but to commend her for being able to not gag as Geraldo took off her coat for her, and then got into the booth with her and kissed her in an unfatherly way, and then he got out of the booth and escorted her, with his hand on her elbow up to the buffet line like they were walking down a red carpet. Surreal.

I guess midtown is where you see this level of celebrity. But if I wanted to see some better looking younger celebrities I guess I should head further downtown maybe. That's the impression I get from reading the Gawker Stalker at least.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sporadic Over-Organizer and Smut Abuser

So, I've been keeping track of all the books that I read. I've only been doing this faithfully for a few months, and the rest of the books I tried to kind of reconstruct from what I could remember.

So, blog-readers, would you like to know what I've been reading? Well, I've got 3 categories of books on my Excel spreadsheet. First are the books that are "not too trashy," stuff that might be in the literature section or something. Second are the "mystery/suspense" books. Third are the ones that I don't usually admit to reading. You might call them relationship-based, chick lit (gag) or the female equivalent of porn. Yup, the romance genre. Whatever, I'm trying to cut back on the amount of shame in my life, and so I have decided not to worry about reading this smut too much.

But I can't help but look at the spreadsheet's breakdown: I've read 23 untrashy books, approximately 58 mystery/suspense books, and then 42 romance books, which are probably the ones most underrepresented because let's face it they are all pretty much the same and I couldn't remember any of the titles once they are returned to the library. The spreadsheet doesn't lie! I'm addicted to trashy books.

can't wait to get home

Because I am about to finish a really good book. At least I hope I still think it's really good at the end. I've been reading Middlesex for the last 5 days, and so far, really really good.

I am only worried I think because I recently had a bad experience with Corelli's Mandolin. (I haven't seen the movie and I'm not planning on it because I think that Nicolas Cage should be banned from all leading man roles.) I thought that it was a really interesting and good story, and loved the war-love story thing, but then they really messed up the ending. And it seemed like it was totally stolen from Love in the Time of Cholera too. I guess the author would have been too cookie cutter to just have the story have a normal happy ending, but in trying to make it different it ended up being cookie cutter in a different way. Apologies to anyone who diagrees.

Anyway, here's hoping that the book ends well.

Annoying me right now:

Why do the announcers on NPR have this weird NPR cadence and inflection to their speech? Actually it might only be the station here. But recently the female local person who announces things like the temperature and sponsors in between the national programs switched to another female local announcer person. And their inflections are identical. Maybe it's the fault of the first woman who trained in the new one, and told her she had to talk that way, no matter how dumb and affected it sounds.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

can you say post-election depression?

It's true, I've been depressed. I went to Pennsylvania to get out the vote, and as my husband put it, we were kind of like the cannon fodder in the battle (which was won) in the war (which was lost). I haven't been very productive at work. But I'm still sorry for neglecting my blog. It's much easier to post here when my blood alcohol level is raised. That's for sure.